So two weeks into the new series of the Apprentice and the boys have totally capitulated on both tasks and are now two behind the girls who have somehow managed to band together to win both tasks so far, which is saying something as these women are all of the opinion that all of them should be the apprentice and that the other candidates are in their way. To be honest the male candidates are not much better as they all have very high opinions of themselves, and very low opinions of everyone else in the process.

The first task was the standard making a product and then selling it to the public type of task where profit was the key. This time it was burgers that both teams had to source, make, market and sell.

This year’s team names were Vitality for the boys which sounds like some sort of viagra substitute and Graphene for the girls which is apparently a very tough material, as are they.

As is standard in the apprentice asking for someone to step up to be project manager in the first week is like pulling teeth as very few people are willing to take on the chance but for the boys Danny was quite happy to take on the mantle. Sarah was chosen to be the project manager for the girls with not a lot of other people stepping up to the plate, so fair play to Sarah for putting her arse on the line so early

The girls decided to go for gourmet burgers but opted for Chicken that very expensive and sought after meat and then ensured that they got the cheapest cuts possible and then pretty them up in the manufacturing. At least the boys went for it an opted for buffalo as one of their options even if they badly misjudged the price of buffalo meat.

However it all went to pot when there were arguments galore in the kitchen’s about who was responsible for what with none of them taking ownership in the boys team and Liz, the scary florist, trying to take ownership of the burgers for the girls, before being criticised by the rest of the girls, most notably Siobhan, who really doesn’t like Liz at all. I mean Liz didn’t remember her name so perhaps it is deserved a little but Liz is rather endearing, if a little bumbling and that counts for a lot in Apprenticeland. However most of the other women are very forthright and opinionated and not backwards is going forwards in particular Michaela and Sibohan.

As for the boys well they are almost identi-kit with their half arsed beards and their confidence bordering on arrogance. To be honest after the first episode it would be difficult to actually work out any differences between any of the boys who were all pretty bad it has to be said.

Even though the girls argued and argued at leas they did manage to sell some burgers as by the time the boys had got around to actually making and packaging their burgers there was no bugger about so they really had it hard going after that but it was bloody funny watching them floundering as these are people are supposed to be the business brains of Britain and if they can’t make some money flogging burgers then how can they hope to be trusted with a quarter of a millions pounds of Lord Sugars money without making a dogs dinner out of it.

Perhaps if they put their own egos down for one moment then they might decided to try and work together to make the task work, but then again probably not. As it appeared that none of the boys could sell ice pops on the surface of the sun then it probably wouldn’t have made a difference to the outcome of this task.

The girls did quite well to sell what they made considering that they were about as gourmet as a burger from your local rat infested chippy and if they could have got away with it they would have flashed their tits as people just to sell their wares which wouldn’t have gone down well with Karen and only got the good looking ones to actually do the face to face selling to customers, as that is how it works apparently, which was actually suggested much to the disgust of Karen who really wasn’t impressed at that comment at all, as she wasn’t a couple of years ago when they suggested that all the girls wore short skirts and the shorter and tighter the better. This crop of woman however don’t show as much leg as the other groups of women that we have and are better for it not resorting to their sex to get their own way, or at least not yet.

In the end it was not surprising that the girls won as the boys seemed to spend loads of money and make bugger all and the girls spend a lot less than then and managed to sell a few burgers and came back quids in. So round one to the girls.

Danny as project manager was fired but to be honest any one of the boys teams could have been fired this week as none of them really made much of an impression apart from Harry Potter look-a-like Charles who looks like he has borrowed his dad’s suit and drawn a beard on with felt tip and has a very high opinion of himself and is not afraid to tell people how good he thinks he is, which makes him, alongside scary Liz, the Apprentice characters of the first week.