Week two of The apprentice was all about interior design and making money from making a room look really nice, at least that was the idea in the first place. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way, but did we really think that it would have done? The answer to that, in a nutshell, is no, as it is the Apprentice!

The chosen venue was a really posh hotel down south, it certainly would not have been up north as its grim up north so they say. Each team were given a really nice room in this hotel and given carte-blanche to do come up with a design concept for the room, decorate it and buy some new furniture for the room. The budget given was £15,000 which is probably the price of house up north, well it is where I live anyway.

Now, as the was a high end hotel, you would think that they would use the money to buy some really good stuff and highly expensive and shiny looking wallpaper and paint, wouldn’t you? Well, you would think anyway.

The girls team chose a sporting theme as the hotel had a golf course and would obviously appeal to the people who chose to stay in the hotel. The boys team chose travel as a theme as people from all over the world stop in the hotel. The boys went with a colour scheme of red, white and blue but chose to swap white with yellow as the room already had yellow walls and red, yellow and blue is the perfect mix of colours and screams travel.

They also had a feature wall which they got someone to sketch the London eye and other London landmarks which they thought would mean travel but probably just meant London as that would have been more obvious.

The girls feature wall featured a close up of a golf ball which was a very odd choice as it didn’t look like anything in particular (not even a golf ball) and certainly didn’t give the impression of a sporty theme either, at least not an obvious sporting motif.

When it came down to actually decorating the rooms it was the boys who got on with job better than the girls without actually arguing about it. Liz tried to take over and did all the measuring, including things that did not need measuring, and the rest of the girls just ignored her and argued amongst themselves.

It was amazing that they got anything done to be honest with all the faffing they did and Liz appears to be rubbing everyone up the wrong way and you know they will throw her under the bus as soon as they possibly can, especially Siobhan and Michaela.

To go with their golf themes room the girls bought some golf clubs and put them in the corner of the room. The boys bought a feature piece of a stack of suitcases which was at least a bit more interesting than a set of golf clubs.

When they had finished there were lots of criticism of both rooms and not a great deal of plus points for either so it was debatable if anyone would actually as they both seem to have failed miserably. When it came down to it the girls spent a great deal less (£5675) than the boys did (£ 11,495) which meant that they were left with more money than the boys did, but arguably a worse looking room, but not to Lord Sugar who seemed to prefer the girls room to the boys so they were announced as winners of the task but really it was a hollow victory as they didn’t deserve it more than the boys did on reflection.

Jeff was the recipient of the firing probably because of his terrible breakdancing rather than his poor grasp of figures for a banker. I like to think it was for the breakdancing which was rather disturbing rather than being quirky but again any of them could have gone again.

However in this case the girls only just scraped the win so to be honest it was not great for any of them and I am not sure any of them could have been really proud of what they came up in that task.