The task for this weeks Apprentice candidates was to offer a match-day experience at the Women’s FA Cup final to corporate clients and offer them an unforgettable experience or their money back. Sarah moved over to the boys team and the teams were evened out once more.

Siobhan and Andrew became project managers for the tasks and they had to decide what they wanted to offer their guests and had the chance to book some entertainment including a magician and a singer and possibly a sword swallower and a lion tamer and then try to get the best deal that they could from the clients in order to make the most profit.

This time the boys were up for it as they suffered three defeats in a row and were determined to make up for lost time. With the girls still arguing amongst themselves anything was possible.

Andrew did not make an auspicious start to proceedings by saying that it was only the woman’s game and not the men’s and therefore not so much of a thing, which offended Michaela, and probably all of the female audience. He had to backtrack on that comment later.

Siobhan who plans events for a living should have been in her element here and did rather enjoy herself over the course of the task as did Andrew and the boys when they went to sample potential menus for their guests and ended up polishing a steak off, but left the vegetarian and the sushi option untouched.

Andrew’s thoughts on Sushi was that it was primarily a southern thing, perhaps forgetting that the event was at Wembley Stadium, which, if I am not mistaken, is in the south, and also the fact that Sushi is Japanese in origin, but that is by the by.

The boys decided to spend as little money on alcohol and food as they possibly could to maximise the profits whereas the girls were more generous with their food and alcohol budget and actually thought about what they were going to offer their clients.

I am sure why the boys thought that just throwing cheap food on plates would pass muster in an executive box is anyone’s guess, as cheesie wotsits are not exactly haute cuisine, but when they only purchased a couple of bottles of wine and champagne then you wondered what planet they were living on.

That, and only ordering seven canapés in total when they had 14 guests, seems like complete suicide from the boys unless they were hoping that the guests would share the canapés and not be greedy. They even knew they had a pregnant guest and forgot to include any soft drinks.

The girls threw as much money as they could to keep their guests fed and watered which you would have thought would have been a good thing as they were most definitely not going without anything when they were at the game, which, for me, would be a winning situation.

The boys even decided to save some money by getting Harrison to provide the entertainment for free after hearing him singing in the shower which could have gone either way to be honest.

Somehow the boys team managed to win as for some reason their client’s didn’t ask for there money back and due to their lower spending they ended up making the most profit. If I had been there and was given what the boys teams offered I would have asked for my money back and also compensation for having my ears ruined by Harrison’s so called singing.

Siobhan ended up being sacked for the failure of the task, which was fair enough when it was her decision to spend loads on the food and drink that lost the girls the task, so you really couldn’t argue with the decision.