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It was a lot of fun watching the candidates race all over that London trying to find nine specific items for Lord Sugar’s birthday for the least amount of money that they can, some of which they had absolutely no idea of what they were, such as scarlet doeskin and Rugelach, a type of Jewish pastry.

Some of the others were easier to work out what they were such as an item from 1947 (which Harrison realised was the year that Lord Sugar was born. Well done that man. He will go far!), a 70th birthday cake, a retractable aerial, some bricks and mortar, an Amstrad computer and a Tottenham Hotspur scarf.

It was amusing to see Charles take his half of the team to a Turkish supermarket to buy the Rugelach (which is a bit like going to get a chicken from a vegetarian supermarket), and both teams finding the one person in the whole of London who owned an Amstrad computer and then racing to be the first team to obtain that item, with Graphene almost losing it in the process by trying to test the woman’s patience and trying to get them to accept a lower price than had originally been mentioned. Still you have got to love a trier.

You have to wonder how many people actually owned an Amstrad computer at the end of the day (I know of at least one person who owned an Amstrad, so with the woman in the episode that makes at least two that were sold).

Neither team has much luck with the scarlet doeskin and the best they could muster was a sample of the stuff, which Graphene was able to get for free. The Tottenham scarf seemed to be a bit of sore point which considering they were in London seemed a little bit odd as you would have thought any sports shop would sell one, or even the bloody Tottenham club shop perhaps.

Graphene decided that it was worth buying a scarf of some bloke they had been told might have one from the Jewish bakers which set them back £30. They thought they were being clever with this, but Vitality got theirs for about a tenner (from a shop that they happened to walk past) which is probably about right, unless the scarf was made of ermine, or perhaps doeskin, but not of the scarlet variety.

Vitality sourced another Amstrad computer from a private seller who agreed to cross London to meet them but decided at the last minute to tell them that they were not going to make it on time to not incur a fine for being late assuming that the fine for being late would not be more than the fine for not getting the computer, which would make not bothering to get the computer worth it in the end.

Graphene managed to get all of the items whereas Vitality were so obssessed with getting back on time that they simply didn’t have enough time to get all of the times, and Grapehene were about an hour late which the boys assumed meant that they had won the task by a country mile which was a little bit presumptious unless of course it turned out that the fines for not getting the computer were a bit more than they thought and a lot more than Graphene were fined for being late. Then the most expensive Tottenham scarf in the world would have been worth every penny of the £30 they spent on it. Even a Tottenham fan was baulk at spending £30 on a scarf!

In the end Graphene were fined £100 for being later with Vitality being fined £347.53 for leaving three of items behind meaning that Sajan’s decision to not pick up the Amstrad was the reason why  Vitality ultimately lost the task so naturally, you would imagine, that he would be the one fired but you would be wrong, it was Ross who was fired, not, it has to be said, for any reason to do with the task, rather with Lord Sugar not really getting his business acumen, so Sajan got away with totally throwing the task this week, and it will be interesting to see what happens if he does it again.