Apprenticeep7b-a016221This weeks task was all about cars. Each team had to create an advertising campaign for a new car including a commercial and a digital billboard for said car with the best campaign would win.

Once again Charles put himself forward for project manager of Vitality but there was tumbleweed until Michaela through her oar in and was picked over Charles yet again. Poor Charles.

For Grapehene Anisa put herself forward but it was James who was picked. I think because he owned a car, or perhaps because he really, really wanted to do it. Either way he was the one that everyone was happy with, at least at this point anyway.

Graphene chose to aim their campaign at families based upon Bushra making a offhand comment that this was car that she would happily use for her family, with Vitality aiming for the young female market based upon the fact that Jade is a young woman and Michaela used to be a young woman, and probably still thinks that she is.

Graphene chose the name “Expando” which does sound more like shape wear than it does a vehicle which went down like a lead balloon when it was first mooted but there really wasn’t anything better on offer so they stuck with that name, no matter how crap it was.

Vitality named their car “Miami” based upon the fact that if you bought that car it would make you feel like you were in Miami, rather than say Croydon, which is probably where most of the people who would actually by the car are actually from, but not in their heads.

For their advert Graphene wanted to set it in a old fashioned village as they thought that this would best show the car in a family setting. However Graphene ended up with the location of a Norman fort rather than the old fashioned village that they wanted for their telly advert which featured Elizabeth chasing some chickens away from the car whilst trying to take her kids to school, which is the sort of thing that happens all of the time.

Vitality’s advert just showed a car pulling up to take a party of girls off on a weekend away which made a lot more sense than Graphene’s advert and did actually manager to look quite stylish, especially when compared to the other teams effort. And there were no chickens in sight..

The billboards were not much better to be honest with people thinking that the billboard for Miami were either for a car hire firm, or a bike hire firm, with not one person they asked actually thinking that it was for a car.

When it came down to the pitches neither team covered themselves in glory with mistakes being made by all teams but Michaela doing rather well and much better than Anisa who were worried that Michaela would fuck up with pitch due to her nerves.

In the end neither of them did that well but due to the experts opinion it was Vitality that did better, more to do with Michaela’s performance in the pitch and also a slightly better advert.

James chose Joanna and Sajan to go back in the boardroom with him but Lord Sugar chose to keep Elizabeth back as well but it was Sajan who was on the end of the firing rather than the others and to be honest it was rather a close call for all of them to be honest and any of them could have gone for various different reasons, and probably should have done.