apprentice-modelThis week was all about fashion with the teams trying to persuade a designer to let them represent them and then do a fashion show and a magazine cover to promote their wears.

Joanna took the helm for Graphene as her business is clothing related and she had to work with Michaela, Elizabeth and James. Jade was project manager for Vitality with Harrison and Sarah. Graphene chose male clothing with Vitality taking on women’s fashion.

They each had some designers who they had to persuade to be able to show of their wares at a fashion shoot. Graphene went for more affordable clothing which had a ecological bent with Vitality going for a much more high ticket item which was described as post-apocalyptic regal rock and roll by the designer herself.

Elizabeth and Michaela enjoyed themselves rather too much choosing male models for their fashion shoot whereas Joanna decided that James should also be a model despite their being plenty of other models being ogled (sorry picked) by Elizabeth and Michaela.  Apparent this was because he was their target audience despite having absolutely no modelling experience. Harrison delegated to the woman on the basis that they know more about women’s fashion than he had, which is a fair point considering he is a bloke and not a drag act.

It was down to Harrison and Sarah to organise the fashion show with Jade choosing the designer and shooting the magazine cover. Michaela despite doing marketing for a living didn’t manage to do a decent cover which was considered boring by the experts thus lost their endorsement. James’s modelling didn’t get the thumbs up either but at least Jade didn’t put herself on the cover of their magazine which was a bit more acceptable for a magazine cover.

Due to the high ticket price of their clothing range Vitality were not able to make enough money and they ended up losing the task despite managing to get the endorsement which could have been a deal breaker for them.

When it came down to the boardroom there was nowhere to hide and Jade and Sarah gave as good they could get to Lord Sugar with Harrison basically not putting up a fight leading to him being fired, closely followed by Jade, despite her at least trying to fight her corner.

So somehow Elizabeth is in the final five. Who would have thunk it? Elizabeth! Now, that, I did not see coming at all.