14956646-low-Interviews weeks is always interesting in the Apprentice as this is when the candidates and their business plans are placed under close scruitiny and there is literally no place to hide.

Lord Sugar’s four inquisitors pick apart and dismantle each candidated business plans and take no smart talk from them, which happens a lot in the Apprentice. It is always nice seeing them bought down a peg or two by people who take no prisoners and you can see them palpably begin to doubt themselves, but only for a split second.

The businees plans were a scaling up of her own confectionary business for Sarah, an online gift delivery service from Elizabeth as part of her current floristry business, an online IT Recruitment business for James, a portal for construction businesses from Michaela and a fashion based concern for Joanna.

They had worked all of their costings and what they expected to make over the next couple of years, which was always massive profit, and they were all convinced that their business was the best one on the table and were all convinced that they were going to walk the interviews until they met the interviewers that is, with their plans and their very characters put under a microscop by people who know their onions and quickly showing them who was boss and that they did not know their onions as much as they thought they did.

It was great to watch all of these people squirm as they were asked questions that they really didn’t want to answer or admit to in public as they felt affronted that they were being questioned in such a way.

This task will always show the blaggers up and highlight who is really credible when it comes down to them and their business plan. Out of this crop I would have put money on Micheala to get to the final and also either James or Sarah. I have never been convinced that either Joanna or Elizabeth has got what it takes to be Lord Sugar’s business partner and didn’t expect either of them to get this far in the process so perhaps they have something that I am not aware of.

Therefore I was not surprised when Joanna was the first to be fired at the end of the interviews mostly because the business she was offering didn’t seem to push any of Lord Sugar’s buttons and also it wasn’t really as profitable as the others were likely to but she did give a good account of herself and showed that despite her age she was credible candidate.

As for Elizabeth well her business was also just an upgrade of her current floristy empire which again didn’t scream major profits for Lord Sugar due to the other people who offer this sort of thing and also I don’t think that they would have worked as a partnership either as Elizabeth wants to be in charge of everything and would not cede any part of the business to anyone else and would drive Lord Sugar to distraction. If she won the show then she would want to host it next year and that would not do at all.

Then there was three: James, Michaela and Sarah. Now if I was a betting man I would have said that Michaela would have been a dead cert for the final but in this episode we found out that she runs half a dozen businesses and is doing rather well for herself and as a result of this she was rather suprisingly fired from the process, not because of her capablity but because of her other businesses.

Now to be honest I have never been sure of James but he might do quite well against Sarah and if he can make Lord Sugar believe that he can make the amount of money that he claims he can then he will win for sure, as it is doubtful that Sarah can make that sort of money from confectionary, but then again you never know.

Both of the finalist are very credible candidates and either of them could win this as there its little to choose between them when it comes down to it. It will all depend on how they perform in the final task as to who will get the investment and who will be send packing.