So it came down to Sarah and James for the investment. A confectionary business versus an it recruitment firm. Now Lord Sugar has already previously invested in a recruitment firm before and, I think, that James thought that he had in the bag from the moment that he was picked as part of the final two but, I reckon, that he might not find it as easy as he thinks as  Sarah is also a very credible candidate and will definitely give him a run for his money.

This time they had to set up their prospective companies and create a digital billboard, a short tv advert and a sample product and pitch it to Lord Sugar and various experts to help Lord Sugar make his final decision.

The candidates had some help (or is that hinderance) from some of the previous candidates whom they had to pick like it was a games lesson at school with all of them hoping they were not picked last, as no-one wants to be the last one picked as they makes them forced upon the person picking and not chosen by them, which always happened to me as kid, but I am not bitter. Much.

The teams split up to work on the various aspects of the business. James took an age trying to come up with a name for his business until they finally came up with the name First Tier Talent as they were running out of time. Sarah has the same problem and finally settled on the name Sarah’s Chic Sweets, which Sarah was not convinced about at all.

Sarah came up with a gift box full of sweets which could  be received through the post, much like the Graze boxes that I get delivered through the post, and decided that the name wasn’t good enough and changed it to Sweeteze which is much more to the point that the original name. James didn’t have a product as such as said up a dummy website for his recruitment firm.

Both James and Sarah had a specific idea in mind for the tv advert but in both cases the team who were making it went with what they thought was best and not technically what they were told to do.

For the billboards again they both knew what they wanted and relayed that to the teams in charge of this but somewhere along it got lost in translation and something got produced which whilst not bad, was not entirely what either of then would have chosen if they had the choice.

Charles was dressed as a lobster on James’ billboard which at first thought had little to do with recruitment but I guess that they had a costume lying around and thought it would be rude not to use it.

For Sarahs video Siobhan played a women getting one of Sarah’s sweetie boxes through the post from a dodgy looking postman played by Harrison.

The main thing though was the pitching and both of the candidates give a very good account of themselves and it was agreed that Sarah had a good business idea which could make it big, or could flop big style, and that James idea pretty much hinged on his ability to take on the big boys in the industry.

In the end in an uprecendated move Lord Sugar decided to hire them both which in a way rendered the final pointless and they could have gotten away with not going to all of their efforts in the first place. I for one am glad that they both won as I wanted Sarah to win but thought that James would win as I found James little to smug for my liking and Sarah a lot more humble, which is why I think that it was for the best that they both won as both of them deserved to win, which isn’t often the case with the apprentice.