Death in Paradise returns as though nothing had happened. In this episode the wife to be of the billionaire owner of a hotel chain which happens to have a branch on the island, think the Hilton’s, who is found dead after apparently throwing herself off the balcony of the hotel with everyone including the commissioner of police convinced that she had thrown herself to her death, apart from Detective Jack Mooney.

Mooney, who, from the moment that he found the victims body, decided that it wasn’t as straight forwards as everyone else, including much of his own staff, thought it would be but, as the husband to be of the victim, was a friend of the commissioner’s the investigation almost got shut down from the get go, but Jack just wouldn’t let it go despite all of that and got himself into a bit of by bother by just doing his job properly by you know asking people questions which they did not want to answer because it might, you know, incriminate them, which just wouldn’t do at all.

What I liked about this episode was the fact that none of the children of the husband to be of the victim even considered that they would be suspect’s in this as they assumed that everybody would have thought that she took her own life and they very nearly got their own way if it wasn’t for that pesky Jack.

They also that they were above suspicion, which naturally means that their actions has been incredibly suspicious but, thought that nobody would look into their actions, as they have lots and lots of money and therefore can get way with anything which of course meant nothing to Jack and that is why in the end he got his man.

It was lovely to see the show back as it makes you feel warm just watching it, which is great when it is freezing outside. Once again the best part of the episode is at the end when Jack explains what has been going on and you think “oh yes I can see now” after you have spend the last hour scratching your head about how this was actually a murder and how the person who Jack has just pronounced to be the murderer was able to do it, and almost, get away with it.

I can’t say that I worked it out either, as that would be a lie but it was a fun watch once again and there was some nice scenes with Dwayne trying to avoid an old fling of his and the reason why she was so pissed at him were hilarious and so very, very Dwayne.