In this episode Dwayne gets promoted to acting detective as Florence is out of action after injuring her ankle. So we don’t get an awful lot of Florence in this episode, but Dwayne is a hoot in this episode which him trying slightly too hard to be a detective much to the amusement of Jack and the audience.

In this episode there was a major poker tournament on the island and during the final one of the contestants drops down dead, in full view of all of the other contestants, and the people watching the match. It is later discovered that the victim was poisoned and a playing card was found with a rather rare and deadly poison on it and it was deduced that the only people who could have killed the victim were the other three finalists and the dealer.

When we started to find out a bit about each of the suspects it turns out that they all had things to hide that ultimately made them a suspect for the murder and to be honest it could have been any of them. For instance one of the potential murderers in this episode turned out to be the long lost daughter of the victim, but would that really have been enough for them to commit murder. Another one of them was being blackmailed by the victim, which is rather a decent motive. To be honest the culprit in the end did have quite a decent motive but then again it could equally have applied to any of the other suspects as well.

The main highlight of this episode was Dwayne playing at being detective and his eagerness to speak to the nurses instead of Jack because he thought they were all young, hot nurses rather than the older ladies that they turned out to be was extremely amusing.