Ten years on

Believe it or not but this blog has been in existence for ten years in one form or another. Yes, I know, it doesn’t seem possible that is has lasted this long, but it has, somehow. What started off as a place to review the most recent Doctor Who episodes after I stopped writing for the Behind the Sofa blog, joined with my general tv review blog, which then transmogrified into a general blog about all sorts, but mostly about tv, film and books.

I don’t really write posts about my personal life on this blog mainly because I don’t think that they will be interesting to anyone else but me and my close friends and I would much rather write about other things that I like rather than about myself.

I still can’t believe that this blog is still here, and still being used, after ten years (as it has been years since I last touched by live journal (https://adnams74.livejournal.com/) but I will continue to use it so long as I have things to write about and there is plenty of television programs and films and books that I would like to write about so hopefully, as long as I have the time, and the inclination to do, I will continue to do so.

Thanks for reading (if anyone is reading this, that is).



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