Egypt needed a win against Russia to progress any further in the competing and Russia needed a win to virtually ensure that they would progress to the next round in the competition. Egypt had very few chances and for the first half the honour’s were even.

Then everything changed in the second half with an own goal just two minutes after the break. Soon followed by two goals in three minutes to end Egypt’s world cup. Salah got a consolation penalty but that was about it.

Uruguay played Saudi Arabia and took the lead halfway through the first half which was enough to win the game as Saudi Arabia just were unable to do much and in the end the match ended with Uruguay winning by a single goal meaning that both they and Russia would progress the round of 16 and there was nothing either of the other teams could do in their final game.

Portugal had just the one point from their first game and needed to get at least a win to cement their potential for progressing. For Morocco only a win would do as they were on 0 points. After 4 minutes Ronaldo got a very soft penalty which he naturally put away. The score stayed the same for the rest of the match meaning that Morocco were eliminated.

Spain needed nothing more than a win as Portugal has won earlier that day and they were up against Iran who were quite sturdy opposition. The first half was relatively even and in the second half Spain stepped it up a bit and were rewarded with a goal by Costa. Spain were not able to make the most of their opportunities but luckily for them Iran did the same and in the end the one goal proved to be enough.

Spain now have 4 points the same as Portugal but Iran are not far behind on 3 points and if they manage to beat Portugal then they would be out. Even if Spain lost to Morocco it wouldn’t be enough for Morocco and might not be enough for Spain either, but you would not bet on Spain beating Morocco.

Denmark took on Australia knowing that a win would mean that they were through to the knockout stage and that Australia would be eliminated. The Danes took the lead early one but Australia got another penalty which leveled the game.
France took on Peru and managed to eliminated the South Americans with a single goal scored in the first half. Peru had a go, but France were just too strong for them.

France are now through and play Denmark next who just need a win to ensure their progress However this will not matter if Australia fail to win and score three goals without conceding one and assuming Denmark do not score either.

Croatia took on Argentina and for the first half and the first five minutes of the second half it looked like the honours were even as neither team seemed to be able to put away their chances. Then Argentina’s keeper kicked the ball to a Croatia forward and they took the lead. Then Modric scored a wonder goal and in stoppage time Croatia hit a third. Argentina just fell apart when the first goal went in and it seemed they couldn’t score even if they tried to. Iceland fell to Nigeria despite their best efforts with two good goals without response from Nigeria.

This means that Croatia are through whatever they do; Iceland need to beat Croatia and Argentina have to beat Nigeria and hope that Iceland do not beat Croatia. Of course a point for Nigeria would be enough for them even if Iceland did beat Croatia as they would need to beat Croatia by at least two goals and hope Nigeria and Argentina play out a goalless draw. Iceland did beat Croatia last year by only one goal, which would not be good enough here. Argentina have never failed to beat Nigeria.

The Brazil vs Costa Rica game really seemed like it would end in a goalless draw despite Brazil’s best efforts including an disallowed goal by Gabriel Jesus and them almost getting a penalty which VAR did not award but in stoppage time Brazil managed to finally hit the back of the net and win the game.

Serbia started really well against Switzerland taking an early lead and being the better team in the first half. They started better too but then Xhaka hit an equaliser in the 52 minute and Switzerland woke up and started playing. It looked like it might be another draw before Shaqiri raced to catch a long ball and smash it in the net giving Switzerland a rather fortuitous and lucky smash and grab win.

Serbia can only qualify if they beat Brazil as if they only draw then Switzerland will have to lose to them going out. A draw for both Brazil and Switzerland will be sufficient.

Mexico overcame a rather week South Korean side with a goal in each half before Korea got one back in injury time. Mexico had plenty of other chances with they squandered them. South Korea did not.

Sweden took a surprising lead against Germany which they took into the half time break. Germany were not really at it in the first and Sweden defended well. In the second half Germany came out fighting as if the score stayed the same they would be out. Reus equalised soon after and German just couldn’t break through the Swedish defence.

In injury time Sweden concerned a free kick in the worst possible place and Germany took full advantage and hit the winner and saved their world cup. Up to then it looked as though Sweden might well hold them.

South Korea are not technically out yet but they might as well be as even if they beat Germany they will only have three points which Sweden already have. If Sweden beat Mexico and Germany fail to beat South Korea then both Mexico and Sweden will progress.

If both Germany and Sweden win then whoever qualifies will be down to goal difference and both Germany and Sweden will have to win by more than two clear goals to qualify which means that Mexico could lose and still qualify. All to play for here.

Belgium took on Tunisia and this resulted in a thrilling game which finished Belgium 5 Tunisia 2 with Tunisia not throwing in the towel despite going two nil in 16 minutes. They got one back two minutes later but ended up 5-1 down before a last gasp goal clawed the score back to 5-2.

England took on Panama and in the first half scored 5 goals including two penalties although there could well have been more with the way the Panama players were acting. Two penalties could possibly have been four or five and we would have been out of sight. In the second half England took the foot of the gas and only added one more goal to the tally with Panama getting a consolation goal right at the end.

This meant that both England and Belgium both qualify with the top spot depended on the result of the England vs Belgium game with a win for either guaranteeing top spot.

Japan and Senegal played a thrilling game which ended up 2-2 with Japan coming from behind on both occasions. There were chances for both teams to win the game but neither of them managed to convert their chances.

Columbia virtually took Poland apart in their second group game with Poland not really making many chances but took them till the 40th minute to take the lead.

Poland continued trying to break the deadlock but when Falcao scored after 70 and then Caudrado scored after 75 it was too little to late and Poland were eliminated.

Poland can thwart Japan’s progress into the next round with a win. If both Japan and Senegal win then the both go through. Columbia can qualify if they win and Japan don’t win.

A draw might be enough for Columbia if Japan don’t win due to goal difference as then Columbia will have 4 points the same as Japan with Senegal having 5 points so a win is really the best result for Columbia as then it won’t matter about Japan as they will have 6 points which might be enough to win the group.