The candidates are given the task to make bespoke doughnuts for corporate clients, and also premium doughnut for the buying public. The teams were mixed up for the first time and got to pick names. Typhoon was chosen by one of the teams and Collaborative by the other.

Sabrina and Camilla vied for the project managers job for Typhoon with Camilla winning out as her job deals with food (and the other girls did not want to choose Sabrina), but Sabrina was given the job as sub team leader to keep her quiet. Tom put his name forward for the Collaborative as he was good at logistics.

Both teams brainstormed what makes a great doughnuts and both teams came up with ideas of what they thought make great doughnuts and also how much they would flog them for. £5 was what they came up. £5 for a doughnut? Where the hell do they shop? Harrods? Definitely not the pound bakery!

Both teams were also set up with a corporate client. Collaborative managed to get their corporate client to make an order for a load of bepoke doughnuts gold in colour and in the shape of the an uppercase letter B, but did not consider how easy this was to make. Typhoon offered their client a coffee based doughnut with a shot of coffee in the centre and what I think was a cinnamon stick, or could have been anything. Both coporate clients made a deal with them for the doughnuts as promised despite how they were massively overpromising what they could deliver.

Both of the production teams were told of the corporate orders which did’d go down that well with Collaborative who were all not sure how in hell they were going to make the specialist doughnuts. Typhoon’s corporate doughnut was much more straightforward to make and didn’t cause much of issue with their production team.

One of the doughnuts that Collaborative came up with was a chocolate donut with chilli which sounds rather nice until Jasmine decided to put hot sirracha sauce onto the chocolate doughnut which almost killed Frank. Tea and biscuits were one of the doughnuts for Typhoon which involved sticking a custard cream onto a doughnut. For the tea aspect they considered putting a t-bag on the doughnuts for a while rather than infusing the batter with the tea which would usually be the best way to go about it.

It was all hands on decks for both teams to produce the doughnuts, but that didn’t go entirely to plan either with the B shaped donuts causing problems for Collaborative and almost breaking Frank, who was the person tasked with cooking the doughnuts, with Tom basically co-ordinating everything without actually doing any work. For Typhoon Camilla did get a bit more stuck into the production prodcess with Sabrina also making her prescence felt, some of the other less so, it has to be said.

When the bespoke doughnuts were done the teams split up and delivered the bepoke ones to the customer and to be honest neither of them got what they wanted as both customers had issues with the look of the doughnuts and refused to pay for all of them. In fact Collaborative only sold 17 of the 50 doughnuts that they made. Typhoon did slighly better but only very marginally.

Then they all went out to flog their doughnuts and try to make as much money as possible. When it came to selling them it was quite difficult as the doughnuts were generally not very apetising by the time they been carted around and i am surprised that they were able to see any espcially at the exhorbitant prices that they were charging. In the end however it was a free for all and most people sold them for whatever they could get for them, just to get a sale.

In the boardroom total profit for Collaborative was just £68 with the total profit for Typhoon being in excess of £200 because due to people like Kayode and Sabrina  they were able to flog their wares better and for a higher price than the other team. Daniel thought that Typhoon’s victory  was all down to him but it was obvious that it wasn’t.

In the cafe of broken dreams the talons were out. Frank and Jasmine both blamed Tom for pretty much the same reason i.e crap project management. Jackie seemed to get away scott free depsite the fact that the b shaped donut was her idea and she layed the blame on everyone but herself. Tom blamed Frank and Jasmine and took none of the responsiblity for the failure of the task on himself.

It was therefore no surprise that Tom bought Jasmine and Frank back into the boadroom with him where they both accused him of being a shit project manager and not being able to make a decision without a committe meeting first. Tom laid the blame soley on the chilli doughnuts despite the fact that a lot of the blame was down to the bespoke doughnuts which were quite frankly awful but were nothing to do with the failure of the task in Tom’s eyes. Tom also said that Frank was too emotional and that he let it get the better of him.

Lord Sugar seemed to agree with him and sent Frank packing as he has already been in the bottom two the previous week and seemed to be a bit overawed in this task so decided to get rid of him. Jasmine has also been in the bottom two in week one and did pretty much get away with making the decision to smother the doughnuts in hot sauce rather than making the doughnuts with a little bit of chilli in the chocolate mix which would have given a better balance.

Tom meanwhile led by committee and would  not make a decision until everyone was happy which does seem rather an odd way to go about it but this time he got away with it and Jasmine sailed very close to the edge but managed to swerve it at the last leaving poor Frank flailing.

Having said that though Frank should probably have gone last week instead of David so he got away with it last week but got caught out this week. Them’s the breaks I’m afraid.