The two teams were sent to Birmingham to the body building expo to try and hawk some high ticket and low ticket options, which they had to schmooze the inventors of in order to sell them at the expo.

The high ticket options were for gym equipment and free standing and portable saunas’ for either the home or a gym. They also had some services to pick from including photography, spray tans, massage.   Sarah Ann and Sabrina were the two project managers for this task. Rick put his name forward for Typhoon but nobody voted for him.

Out of the available products both teams wanted to sell the bodybuilding equipment with Typhoon getting the gig as Collaborative were keener on the margins than they were on the product, which is where Sabrina’s enthusiasm wins through.

The sub teams worked on the services that they wanted to sell. Typhoon opted for the spray tans while Collaborative went for massages which meant they would have to do a hell a lot of massages to make any money.

Collaborative were not chuffed at getting the saunas as they assumed that if they got the gym equipment then the task was in the bag and that then they needed to do loads of massages and hope that they could shift a few sauna’s. Naturally Typhoon assumed that they had already won the tasks when they got the bodybuilding equipment.

Both teams descended on Birmingham and tried to make as much money as possible. Typhoon’s sales team were not really able to muster much interest in purchasing the gym equipment which would really have seen them acing the task, not really helped by Alex who couldn’t have sold ice pops on the surface of the sun that day.

Towards the end of the day Alex was swapped with Khadija much to his chagrin as he felt that he would be able to sell loads of gym equipment in the final hour if he had only been able to by nasty Sabrina.

When it came down to the sauna’s Collaborative did their best with an inferior product which was extremely hard to sell despite Rick attempting to sell them as offices, kitchens and anything other than a sauna, as people simply did not seem that interested in them as saunas.

On the service side there was lots of massages going on and also quite a lot of spray tans but some of the people getting the tans were not convinced that they really knew what they were doing which, to be honest, they didn’t, until they got a bit better at it. The massages seemed to go better in general.

Each of the teams got a chance to present what they were selling on the stage but neither team really made the most of it and towards the end both teams left their services closed.

By the end of the day the majority of them were chuffed with themselves, apart from Alex, who was sore that he was sent to the other team for a while even though he had sold precisely no gym equipment for the rest of the time.

It was then back the the boardroom to see which team won this week’s task. With the bodybuilding equipment and the spray tans Typhoon only managed to make a total of £1,638.39, whereas Collaborative sold a total of £1,892.50 which they were well chuffed with since they lost the better of the higher ticket options, with Sarah Ann getting away with not being blamed for losing the task which she almost certainly would have done if the tables has been turned.

Sabrina was tasked with who to bring back to the boardroom with her and ended up choosing Alex for not selling any of the bodybuilding equipment which would have seen them win the task if he had of managed to sell just one of the bloody things. She also brought back Sian for not making enough of the services side of the task. Sian was equal to the task and fought her corner well.

Alex still came across as being rather whiney about being sent to the other team and claimed to be the best salesman ever which Lord Sugar took umbrage to and sent him home primarily for not being able to sell an item which should have been easy given the environment he was in.

In the end though you couldn’t really argue with the decision as he didn’t sell and, if he had of done, then they would have won, so really it was a no brainer.