The candidates had to design and flog ladies footwear in this episode. Kurran was desperate to be pm for this task until he realised that it was woman’s footwear when he quickly decided against it. Instead Jackie was chosen as project manager for Collaborative on the basis that as a woman she buys women’s shoes and that no-one else seemed to want to put themselves forward.

Sian was chosen as the project manager for Typhoon without much of an argument, it is amazing how many people do not want to put their name forward unless someone they don’t like pipes up first, so they always have someone to blame if it all goes tits up.

Collaborative chose to go with bespoke high heel to hawk and Typhoon chose a bespoke trainer. Collaborative designed the heel with a print on it but the team couldn’t decide what they liked and in the end they just ended up going with what they had when they couldn’t make their mind up.

Sian wanted to also do heels but was talked out of it  by Camilla and Daniel who were both keen on going into the trainer market. She also wanted to use bright colours but was talked into using pinks again by Camilla, as all girls like pink after all.

Collaborative came up with a reasonably fashionable heel after quite a few arguments when it came down to the design, whereas Typhoon for some reason came up with a shoe that looked like it was designed for a four year old complete with detachable bow.

It was fair to say that Collaborative were the happier of the two when it came down to the end product, but Typhoon still attempted to sell as many as they were able to. Well, some of them did at least, some of them not not much.

More people seemed to like the heel than the trainer so it was difficult to work out which team was likely to win as, one team, had a much better product that the other and, you would think would have cruised to a victory but, for Collaborative, Jackie was the onyl person who actually seemed to be able to sell any of the shoes and when that woman sells she sells big. I think that woman could sell anything to anyone, which is going to  be good for her in this process.

For Typhoon every one had a go at selling and they all appeared to actually agree sales so it really depended on how many Jackie managed to sell as to who would ultimately win the task as none of her team managed to be able to sell anything between them, and not even Kayode could sweet talk someone into a sale this week.

When the results came in Collaborative had made £61,000 in sales with Jackie solely responsible for 50k of that money and Typhoon somehow made £86,000 of sales despite having a seemingly inferior product.

Jackie chose Kayode and Rick to bring back into the boardroom with her on the basis that neither of them had made any sales but then again neither had Kurran and it is arguable that Rick had  been a bit more active in the task than Kurran had been so it was an odd choice on Jackie’s part. Lord Sugar thought so too and bought them all back in and gave Jackie a dressing down for her choices.

In the end he decided that Kayode was not repsonsible fo the failure of the task and that Kurran should have been bought back into the room for not doing that much in general instead of Kayode, but ended up firing Rick mostly for not selling in either of the previous two tasks and for some reason allowed Kurran to stay but said that he would be project manager for the next task no matter what.

Personally I would have fired Kurran but then again it would have been just as easy to fire both of them as Rick was not much better as a candidate.