The candidates had to create a new brand for a budget airline and pitch it to industry experts, and also make a promotional film for said airline in this weeks task.

Kurran was made project manager by Lord Sugar for Collaborative after being very nearly fired the previous week, and was in his element as he considered himself to be a bit of an auter on the sly. Sabrina was made the pm for Typhoon.

Both teams initialy liked the idea of going for cheaper business travel but Kurran was persuaded to go with a party theme instead which he then proceeded to say was his idea in the first place. Typhoon pretty much went the same way.

Kurran chose to shoot the video with Daniel and Khadija leaving Camilla and Jackie to come up the name, logo, strapline and everything else. Neither Jackie nor Camilla was able to come up with a decent name themselves but when Kurran suggested “Pangea airlines” as he liked the name they plumped for “Jet Pop” rather than Kurran’s idea, as they didn’t know what the word meant, and also didn’t like it, so “Jet Pop” it was.

They also designed a uniform which featured a halter neck top and a short skirt as per their party image. What the male crew members would wear wasn’t decided but you can sort of imagine given the female uniform they designed. The logo they came up with featured an image which looks a little bit like an explosion, which would not look great on an airline logo, but neither of them seemed bothered.

Typhoon chose the name “manage-air” for their airline and their uniform look very much like the uniform of emirates airline, but at least they would be covered up and not flashing the flesh and risk their bits dropping out of the outfit when dealing the customers, which would be ok, if it were that type of airline, and not what they were suggesting.

Typhoon came up with a rather generic logo for “manage-air” which was not very inspiring but at least it did not have connotations of blowing up in mid-air.

When it came down to the short films that they made, for Collaborative Kurran took centre stage and pretty much ignored everyone’s else input and, for Typhoon, Sabrina wanted to direct it but Jasmine decided that as she had done this before that she would be the best person to direct it, which didn’t particularily please Sabrina.

However, in the end, they both manage to get videos made despite internal arguments about the contens of the video and how it should be shot etc., etc., mostly between Kayode and Jasmine for Typhoon and Khadija and Kurran/Daniel for Collaborative, even though it was touch and go that they would get it all in the can on time, so to speak.

At least Typhoon had their advert actually set on a plane rather than Collaborative which was primarily set on the beach, but did feature a pilot near the end, so you might have worked out by the end it was for an airline.

When editing the video they mostly couldn’t agree either which wasn’t that suprising. Sabrina wanted a a fun song to go over their advert and plumped for ACDC’s Highway to Hell even if some of her team members were not sure that it was entirely appropiate but it is a funky song but would something like ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane” or “Sweet Home Alabama” been more appropriate.

When it came down to the pitches neither team did that well. Mostly they didn’t like the name or the logo for Collaborative’s “Jet Pop” stating that word pop wasn’t a word that you would like to see in the name of an airline as you might worry that the airline might pop, added to that the explosion in the logo would also worry people, which they tried to argue as being an explosion of fun, and they also thought that Collaborative’s skimpy uniforms were very impractical.

They had less problem with most of Typhoon’s pitch other than it being quite generic and not very inspiring with their rather bland logo and uniform but feel that it was not as generally innapropiate as Collaborative’s pitch.

In the end Typhoon narrowly won the task by very narrow margins and Kurran was fired for being a rubbish project mananger who just couldn’t except that he had done a bad job, and blamed everybody else for the failure as they would have won if they had gone with what he wanted.

Also Karren was not impressed by the uniforms for the stewardesses which both Camilla and Jackie agreed with even though it was their idea in the first place. At least Kurran had nothing to do with that but, other than that, he was bad and deserved to go this week.