Each team is assigned to run an urban gardening service both for corporate and paying clients. Each team had to manage their costs and ensure that they both made profit and satisfied their customers which was easier said than done with this lot.

Daniel was the pm for Typhoon (now comprising of Jackie, Khadijam Sarah Ann and Camilla) with tree surgeon Tom being pm for Collaborative (Kayode, Jasmine, Sabrina Stocker and Sian). Daniel was adamant that he would most definitely win as he was the best candidate in the process by miles (which he says every week to be honest).

Tom also had the same high opinion of himself and his capabilities, but only one of them could win so it was going to be interesting who would get the better of each other this time, and also who could talk themselves out of trouble more if they were on the losing team.

Typhoon chose to spend as little money as they could get away with (even purchasing stuff that has been reduced) but be creative with what they offered people so that they could make as much money as is possible but, did not count on both the corporate client, and the paying customers, seeing through their ruse and realising that they were being palmed of with tut, but tut done in a creative way, which was supposed to hide the fact they wanted to do as less work as they could get away with for the most profit.

On the other hand Collaborative decided to spend a bit more money on their materials and make more of an effort with what they were offering their clients and not try to hide their incompetence with creative frippery.

For their corporate client Collaborative chose to deck out the table tops of a bar with astroturf which the client thought looked nice but was entirely impractical for them with Typhoon making a rooftop renovation look like they hadn’t done anything at all as they just tidied up a bit and put a few plants in that really didn’t make it look any nicer.

For Typhoon it was fun to watch Khadija and Jackie argue constantly and also Sabrina and Jasmine also at loggerheads for much of the task as those two simply do  not get on at all. It didn’t start well for Typhoon when they gave the man with the van the wrong address. One customer was so unhappy with what had been done for them that they asked them to leave as they made such of a mess it looked worse than when they started, which was about par the course for this task.

As neither of the corporate clients were happy with the work that was done neither team got paid what they hoped for the work, which meant that they were reliant on what they could make with the other work they managed to obtain.

In the end Typhoon made a profit of £528 with Collaborative making a profit of £1,342 mainly as Collaborative getting a lot of work done and to a good enough standard to be paid for the work had been done and actually chose to spend a bit more money to get decent stuff to do the best job that they could for their client’s.

Tom bought back Kayode and Sabrina back into boardoom with Kayode dismissed despite Tom being in the boardroom for a second time as PM allowing both Jasmine and Sian to get away with not answering for the failure of the task.

It seemed that Lord Sugar saw more potential in Sabrina and Tom so Kayode was the one who had to go and, this time, he was unable to talk his way out of it, no matter how hard he tried. However it might gave been a different story if someone else had been bought back and then I reckon he might have been saved. However, this time, it was not meant to be and he was sent packing.