State of play after 24 games

LIVERPOOL 24 23 1 0 56 15 41 70
MAN CITY 24 16 3 5 65 27 38 51
LEICESTER 24 15 3 6 52 24 28 48

So with 14 games to go Man City could finish with 93 points assuming that they win every remaining game and Leicester could finish with 90 points also assuming that they win all of their remaining games.

This leaves Liverpool with 24 points to get from 14 games assuming that Man City win all of their remaining games and only 20 if they beat Man City when they play them in a month or so.

Now this means that if win the next 8 games we can win the league no matter was Man City do, which would be nice, and which we are perfectly capable of doing.

I am not too sure that City will win every game for the rest of the season, but I reckon that we can get the 24 points that we need out of 14 games, but am not willing to put my neck out on that opinion at the moment, just in case.