In the third episode the Star Cops are firmly ensconced on the Moonbase, and Nathan is having staffing problems as there wasn’t a great deal of Star Cops in the first place, and some of the ones that they had was not particularly great, at least not in Nathan’s mind and he tried to get together a decent group of people for the international space force whom he thought were good for the team and not necessarily the ones that he currently had.

The main plot involved a series of unexplained accidents in a chemical plant and on a railway network and the fact that a communications expert on an outpost on the moon warns the Star Cops of continued attacks in a similar vein as the two previous attacks possibly by some militant group but, Nathan being Nathan, has other ideas about what might be going on, possibly after meeting the expert from the moon outpost, who you can tell early on knows a lot more than he is letting on.

The excellent model work continues in this episode and we see more of the moon with this other outpost that is seen in this episode. We also get scenes in one the moon rover vehicles which work as they are quite tense as you can see that Nathan is not very comfortable being in them and is visibly glad to get to their destination still alive, such is the lot of a Star Cop.

In the background of this you get Nathan wanting to offload two of the current roster of Star Cops, one of whom goes very easily (possibly a little to easily) and the other one who won’t go without a fight, which means that they are at least going to be an interesting character.

This individual is Pal Kenzy, played by Linda Newton, a rather forthright Australian in a similar vein to Doctor Who’s Tegan Jovanka. In fact you could imagine both of them in the opposite roles and Kenzy certainly makes her presence felt in this episode.

The episode’s resolution was fairly predictable when it happened, given the events earlier in the episode, but it was enjoyable to see how they got there and Linda Newton definitely made an impact as Kenzy alongside Trevor Cooper as Devis who once again got the majority of the best lines. David Calder was as good he is always was in the role of Nathan. The Kandy Man himself was ok as the millionaire expert on the moon outpost but the stars of show were Linda Newton and Trevor Cooper.