In the fourth episode the Star Cops are investigating the disappearance of a scientist from the American space station, the Ronald Reagan, at the same time when they are trying to persuade the American’s to have some Star Cops on the base, but the American’s are not having any of it and are determined to make sure that they give the Star Cops as hard as time as possible. The only issue is that this person who has been reported missing does not seem to exist, not in any records.

It has to be said that aside from David Theroux there wasn’t much of an American presence on the series before this episode and we don’t generally get that much of a vibe of him apart from his being quite laid back, quite used to being in space, and a tendency to shout A LOT! ALL OF THE TIME!!!

I like the idea that the space station is named after Reagan rather than say someone like Kennedy but I guess as he was the White House incumbent at the time of the writing and production it kind of make sense. You wouldn’t be able to take a station seriously called the Donald Trump couldn’t you. I don’t even think in 1987 anyone could have predicted that, unless as a joke.

The American space station is very much a big a brash affair again the sort of thing that you would expect from the Americans and the guy playing the commander of station seems like the sort of person who is trying hard to be as American as possible but is trying to hard to actually be American, but, in this case, played by an actual American actor. He is cigar chomping, and would be gun slinging if he could, and is rather contrived character as are all the main personal of the Ronald Reagan.

What made this episode stand out for me was the inter play between Nathan and the American head of the station as he soon changed his tone when he realised that Nathan knew what he was talking about and also realised that he couldn’t wrap him round his little finger and him go away and just accept what he said, because Nathan is like a dog with scent when he latches onto something and will keep going until he gets his quarry.

Pal Kenzy tries to make herself look good in front of Nathan by looking into the missing scientist whilst Nathan was on the American space station but ends up with egg on her face as she turns up at the space station with no evidence much to the chagrin of Nathan, but at least she is making the effort.

You also have the salvage team who find a module from a space station floating in space and try to claim it for themselves in some rather comical scenes with two seemingly mismatched people out in space looking for junk to make them rich.

The model work of all this and the space station scenes were again very impressive.I also liked the scenes between Kenzy and Nathan when she threatens to hand in her resignation and he just says sign it and put it on his desk.

I didn’t think much of the commander of the Ronald Reagan and was glad when he got his comeuppance from the Star Cops about what really happened, and their reasons for doing what they did, which did kind of make sense, but was all undone by the way that they went about it.

Not the best of Star Cops episodes, but enjoyable none the less.