By 1961 I had been living in the past for ten years and was 34 years old and was now married so had to share my television viewing with my wife but most of the time we liked the same stuff which was handy.

This weeks TV starting on the Sunday we watched Pathfinders to Mars: Lichens (Episode three of of six); Danger Man The Island – In this episode John Drake is escorting two assassins and the plane crashes on a desert island and the the two assassins escape. Drake has to try and recapture them with the help of the stewardess; What’s My Line?; Armchair Theatre A Handful of Crocodiles


On Monday we watched

Cool for Cats, a music show presented by Kent Walton who had a show on Radio Luxembourg; This Is Your Life? – Boxer Freddie Mills gets the big red book;Maigret: On Holiday where the detective solves a murder whilst his wife in in hospital with appendecitius;Probation Officer – a drama about the probations service starring John Paul who would later also star in Doomwatch. 109 episodes were made.


On Tuesday it was time for Emergency Ward 10 which my wife loved – she hasd a soft spot for Richard Thorp, whom I knew better from Emerdale, but that was years in the future; The World of Tim Frazer – a drama series where an engineer get embroiled in the word of espionage. At the time it was the longest running serial drama on the BBC; The Army Game. By now the show was in its fourth season, but still pretty funny.


Wednesday just saw Coronation Street; Criss Cross Quiz – a quiz based on noughts and crosses with the first player to get three in a row right were the champions; and Sykes And A Window as there was not that much else of interest on.


On Thursday we saw Double Your Money which was exciting as quiz games go; Knight Errant Limited – A long running series starring starring John Turner as Adam Knight a troubleshooter with Kay Callard and Richard Carpenter (yes the Richard Carpenter who wrote Catweazle, Robin of Sherwood etc), a bit like The Avengers, but started before the Avengers.

Friday was soap night for the wife with Coronation Street and Emergency Ward 10. This was followed by Take Your Pick another popular game show of the era; Bootsie and Snudge an Army Game spinoff with Bil Frazer and Alfie Bass where the pair become involved with a barbershop quartet and Persuasion an adapation of the Jane Austen novel.

On Saturday we liked watching Juke Box Jury, Dixon of Dock Green:T-E-A spells Trouble, Sea Hunt with Lloyd Bridges, 77 Sunset Strip: Abra-Cadaver

That week Gabrielle Carteris from Beverly Hills 90210 was born.