So it is now 1971 and I live in Norfolk, having moved there in 1970. I was now 44 and had lived in the past for half of my life up that point. I work 9-5 during the week and was still happily married.

My viewing schedule for the week 2-8th January would likely be

I would start Saturday by watching On the Ball about the upcoming third round of the FA Cup and watch the wrestling before the football results at 4.55. I would then turn over to BBC1 here I would watch Doctor Who and meet new companion, Jo Grant, new UNIT member Captain Mike Yates and the villianous Master. Later on I would watch Dixon of Dock Green: Thin Thread. We then moved over to ITV for It’s Tarbuck and Marcus Welby M.D. (with Robert Young and James Brolin). Then I would watch Match Of The Day.

I watched Randall and Hopkirk where Jeff was offered £50 to deliver a letter to someones nephew, who is turned out was an escaped convict on the run. After that I watched Match of the Week, then The Golden Shot hosted by Bob Monkhouse. Later on I watched Dr Finlay in The Burgess Ticket which turned out to be the final episode of the show.

One Monday I watched Call My Bluff on BBC2 and then later on Doomwatch: The Islanders on BBC1. A group of islander from a south pacific island that has been evacuated due to a earthquake which made the island unsafe come to the UK. Then Department S: The Man in the Elegant Room which featured Stratford Johns who used to be in Z Cars and Softly Softly.


I watched a comedy special featuring Terry-Thomas and Eric Sykes; Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width and later in the evening Monty Python

Today was a busy day we watched Crossroads; This is Your Life with Bobby Moore; Coronation Street; UFO: Survival; A Family at War; Father, Dear Father; Wrestling


Another day of mostly ITV with Crossroads, Top Of The Pops, The Liver Birds, Nearest and Dearest and Man in a Suitcase “Somebody Loses, Somebody Wins” where McGill goes to East Germany. Jacqueline Pearce abd Philip Madoc guest star.

Friday was Crossroads again, Six Dates with Barker, Hadleigh starring Gerald Harper,