By 1962 the radio has lost its allure as the main source of entertainment with two different channels to chose from the BBC and Independent Television.

Sundays viewing began with an episode of Sir Francis Drake Starring Terence Morgan entitled Visit to Spain where Drake was sent to Spain for the wedding of Mariella of Naples to the fifteen year old son of King Philip II. This was followed by a Supercar repeat and then What’s My Line at 7.25pm on the BBC. We stayed on the BBC for the Sunday Night Play Means to an End with the lovely Barbara Shelley and then an episode of Stryker of the Yard a crime series originally show in cinemas in the early 1950’s.

On Monday in the evening after my tea my Mrs watched Coronation Street and then later on with watched Maigret: The White Hat

On Tuesdays we watched Compact and then Z-Cars and then the quiz show Pencil and Paper with Shaw Taylor and Lisa Finlayson

Wednesday started with game show Take a Letter at 7 presented by a young Bob Holness and then the weeks second visit to Coronation Street and then on BBC Dr Kildare feautring a schizophrenic patient which seemed unusual for the time.

Thursday saw the second edition of Compact, Take Your Pick, Bootsie and Snudge,
and Route 66.

Fridays were Double Your Money, the latest episode of Gunsmoke where Miss Kitty was kidnapped, The Defenders featuring a father and son lawyer duo and Comedy Playhouse The Reunion where the reunion of a group of old school friends doesn’t go quite as planned. This was also written by Galton and Simpson but, was not as good as the previous weeks episode The Offer, featuring a father and son team of rag and bone men.

On Saturday there was the continuing adventures of Garry Halliday and the secret of Omar Khavyam, Juke Box Jury, Dixon of Dock Green in The Battle of Bellamy Court, The Black and White Minstrels, Perry Mason in The Case of the Howling Dog and then finally Sportsview football special.

Melanie Hill Aveline in Bread was born this week.