On Saturday I watched Doctor Who in the Day of the Daleks followed by Dixon of Dock Green and then the always funny Dick Emery show and then Match of the Day.

On Sundays we watched The Golden Shot and later on Another Sunday and Sweet FA by Jack Rosenthal and directed by Michael Apted.

On Mondays the wife watched Crossroads and then I was able to catch Z Cars before we had to turn over to Coronation Street and then The Last of the Baskets with Arthur Lowe as the servant of a factory worker who has inherited the title of Earl of Clogborough.

On Tuesdays we had Crossroads again followed by Mike and Bernie and Suspicion.

Wednesday we watched University challenge, Owen MD, Star Trek: Errand of Mercy, Jason King in the wonderfully titled To Russia with Panache

Thursdays saw another episode of Owen MD, Top of the Pops, The Brighton Belle, Sez Lez.

On Friday we had The Fenn Street Gang, Roger Moore and Tony Curtis in The Persuaders and The Onedin Line which was an episode featuring slavery as James Onedin gets an offer to supply the southern states during the civil war.