Cookery: 10: Vegetarian Dishes with Philip Harben
Today’s programme is directed towards vegetarians who admit to their menus such animal products as eggs, milk, and cheese.

Recipe of the Week:
Baked Eggs St. Germain
(four portions)
4 eggs
6 oz. dried peas or lentils
2 oz. cheese
1 lettuce
1 oz. vegetarian margarine
Salt and pepper
Vegetable stock as available
Cook the dried peas (previously soaked overnight) until they are tender, preferably in onion or celery stock and pass through a fine sieve to form a smooth puree. Clean and shred the lettuce, add it to the puree with the margarine and cook for 5 to 10 minutes, stirring well. Spread the mixture in a shallow fireproof dish, make four neat pockets and break an egg into each. Sprinkle the surface with grated cheese and put the dish in a hot oven (450 F., gas 8 or G) for about fifteen minutes – long enough to brown the cheese and set the surface of the eggs, which should be runny in the middle. Serve with potatoes.

Short film shows a favourite Danish pierrot (Carl Pedersen) in excerpts from four of the ballets of the Danish Pantomime Theatre.

Andy Pandy

For the Children: Prudence Kitten

For the Children: Children’s Newsreel

For the Children: The Railway Children: 5: Saviours of the Train. This is the first BBC Television version of the famous tale. Jean Anderson was the mother later to be better known for roles in The Brothers and Tenko. Marian Chapman was Bobbie with Carole Lorimer as Phyllis and Michael Crousden as Peter.

Down the Centuries: 3: Whigs and Tories
A series of four visits to the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, in which the television cameras show the way of life of the people of Britain from Queen Elizabeth’s day to Queen Victoria.

Play: Captain Carvallo

(Repeat of Monday’s edition)

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