Episode 5 features a massive cover up when a shuttle crashes on its launch that is used to dump nuclear waste into space, which opens up a whole can of worms between people on the Moonbase and people earth side alike, and not the sort of people that you want to mess around if you catch my drift.

We learn a bit about the red tape involved in being in space such as the requirement to spend some time back on Earth every so often, again due to the dangerous nature of space on the body and on the mind as well, and this pisses Nathan off especially when he is on a case, as he isn’t the sort of person who like to take time off, look at what he was like when his girlfriend was horribly murdered.

Nathan decides to vacation in Rome, where he becomes embroiled in a plot to discredit him and get him kicked off the Moonbase in disgrace but these people did not consider the tenacity of the other Star Cops, and Nathan’s insistence in not allowing himself to be killed by what really turned out to be total incompetence on their parts.

It was a good job that he decided to get to Italy on his vacation otherwise the corruption on the Moonbase would not have been discovered and they would have gotten away with it, as they might have been better assassins that the one they ended up using, who was really bad.

It turns out that David’s father was killed in an accident with nuclear waste so you can tell why he is a bit on his soapbox about the dangers of this and so on. So, for once, his constant shouting and being angry make perfect sense as the character is proper pissed off.

This is an ok episode but isn’t really that memorable after the event. Once again the model work is second to none and it looks decent enough, but the plot really isn’t that much to write home about but is does have its good moments and David Calder is as good as it always.