Programmes began at 10:05am with a programme about animals that live in water. At 11.05 am was a programme entitled Looking At Britain. At 11.30 am there was a programme about the study of bridges in relation to the development of technology.

2.30pm saw Watch with Mother featuring Picture Book, 2.45pm saw a programme called Whistle-Stop! a quiz show to test local knowledge. Today: Manchester. 3.15pm was Keep Fit with Eileen Fowler.

At 5.00 pm Christopher Trace and Leila Williams present Blue Peter. At 5.20 pm Danger is my Business, a film series about people whose work involves physical danger. This week: Whale Trainer. At 5.45 pm Stephen King-Hall looks at what goes on in the world around us. At 6pm was the news.

6.50 pm was this weeks edition of Tonight; 7.30 pm was This Is Your Life presented to: Anthony Kimmins actor and film maker. Panorama was on at 8pm. At 8.45 pm was The Old Road an Irish comedy by Michael J. Molloy. This was followed by the news at 9.45 pm and Come Dancing at 10pm.

At 10.45 was The Sky At Night about the possibility of Life on Mars. The Late Night News on at 11.00 pm and close down was 10 minutes later after the weather.

On ITV that day in the North was Seeing Sport at 5pm followed by William Tell at 5.25pm and then the news at 5.55pm.

6.10pm was All our Yesterday a newsreel flashback.6.30pm was My Three Sons followed by Spot The Tune at 7pm.

Then Coronation Street at 7.30pm; Rawhide at 8.30; news at 9.25; Probation Officer at 9.35 and news at 11pm.