Friday April 3rd 1964

The Days broadcasting began with Watch With Mother at 10:45am. Today was The Woodentops. This ran till 11am.

At 1.25 there was The News. This was followed by Watch With Mother again at 1.30 with The Flowerpot Men this time until 1.45pm.

Programming began again 17:10 with Deputy Dawg followed by Vison On, fortnightly programme.

The news was at 18:00 followed by local programming at 18.10.

At 18:35 was What’s Next In Illusion, which I can only assume is a programme all about illusions. Tonight followed at 19.00.

At 19:35 was the popular sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show. At 20.00 was The Defenders with E.G. Marshall and Robert Reed about a father and son team of defence attorneys.

At 20:45 was a programme about how babies born with serious heart defects are treated both medically and surgically. This was followed by another news broadcast at 9.15pm.

At 21:25 was the final of Miss England 1965 live from Manchester. This was followed by The Devil In The Blacklands a short film series. At 10.25 was Points of View with Robert Robinson.

Then at 10.30 was News Extra and at 10.45 The Sky At Night followed by the weather at 11.00 and then close down.