Today on Granada TV Easter Monday 1972

At 12.45 pm Jack Palance stars in The Greatest Show on Earth an American television series based on the film of the same name.

At 1.35 pm was Bank Holiday Sport with racing from Newcastle and Towcester; Profession Wrestling from Bolton featuring Kendo Nagasaki.

At 4.25 was and episode of the popular soap opera, Peyton Place. 4.50 was Once Upon a Time which was an afternoon story.

At 5.05pm was the first half of Tarzan’s Desert Mystery which had an intermission for the news at 5.45pm.

At 6.30pm was Opportunity Knocks! World Wide from Australia.

At 7.30pm was Coronation Street.

At 8.00pm was another film Alvarez Kelly.

At 10.00 was News at Ten and then Playhouse at 10.30.

The New Dick Van Dyke Show was at 11.30 and this closed the days broadcasting from Granadaland.

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