3pm-3.30pm In The News a discussion programme on topics of the week with Robert Boothby, M.P., Graham Hutton, Michael Foot, M.P., J. B. Hynd, M.P. Think Question Time but without question from the audience. The show was moderated by Dingle Foot, elder brother of Michael.

5pm For the Children including The Teddy Bears Picnic by the British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild; at 5:15 pm The Secret of Cocos Island a film about buried treasures; at 5:30pm Barrie Edgar learns some of the secrets used by Madame Tussaud’s staff in making their wax models.

8pm Newsreel

8.15:Television Sports Magazine – R.A.C. Trials Championship.

8.55:Vic’s Grill, a comedy show set in a restaurant owned by Vic Wise and featuring Norman Wisdom, Eddie Leslie, Beryl Reid, John Hanson, Ernest Maxin, Rae Johnson, Hamish Menzies.

9.25 Christopher Mayhew examines some key factors in the present world struggle. Mayhew was Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs from 1946 to 1950. This episode dealt with Poverty. Funny to think it is still an issue 70 years later.

10.05: News(sound only)