Episode three

Hensell is persuaded by Lesterson that the Daleks could be of great help to the colony, and he agrees to let him continue with his experiments, but the Doctor vows to stop them as he naturally knows what they are really like.

The Dalek immobilies itself at the instructions of the Doctor (showing an a supplicant site) but reactivates itself after the Doctor left (showing the more real side of their nature).

Quinn admits it was he who sent for the Examiner, saying he did it to deal with the rebel uprising which answers one question and does sort of rule him out of murdering the examiner unless he was double bluffing them. Bragen, suggests that Quinn did it to undermine Governor Hensell’s authority and is himself in league with the rebels but has no real proof of this and shows that he is still very much a suspect.

Hensell orders Quinn imprisoned and promotes Bragen to Deputy Governor. The Doctor cobbles together a device using something he stole from the lab and part of the bed in the room and goes to the lab where Lesterson is experimenting with the Dalek asking if he can observer. Lesterson asks the Dalek complex scientific questions which it answers correctly and quickly. Janley receives a phone call and excuses herself, pocketing something as she leaves.

The Doctor secretly attaches his device to the power generator, causing the Dalek to lose control. Lesterson destroys the device and pushes the Doctor out; the Dalek watches him leave trying desperately to exterminate him but being unable to do so.

Janley meets Bragen and reveals herself to be one of the rebel leaders and Bragen is attempting to use the rebels to gain power for himself in the colony so we now have two other possible culprits for the murder of the examiner despite it seeming likely that Quinn is the one person who might get blamed for it. She also reveals that she lied about Resno and that his body has been dumped in the mercury swamps.

Polly encounters Janley who directs her to the control room where a fellow rebel, Valmar, is waiting for and captures her and is given the parcel by Janley, which is the Dalek gun stick.

Ben is worried about P

Polly as he cannot find her anywhere and finds the doctor who tells him that he is worrying over nothing but he allows Ben to take him to report her disappearance. Meanwhile the Dalek is now asking Lesterson questions about the equipment that they have and what it does and agrees to make the colony equipment that it needs in order for power and Lesterson goes to the governor to tell him of the news but does not question why they need power, which seems an obvious thing to do.

When he has gone the Dalek increases the power on the generator and goes back inside the capsule. The Doctor and Ben go into the lab after Lesterson has left it and notice that there is a cable linking the generator to the the capsule giving in the Dalek’s power and decide that they have to do something about it. when try try to short circuit it they are stopped by the other two Daleks from the capsule which have also been revived, due to the power presumable and they ran from the lab.

The three Daleks then reveal their plan to turn Vulcan into a second Skaro which is more like the creatures that we love to hate. The Doctor and Lesterson argue about the Dalek’s to the governor with the governor favouring Lesterson’s plan over the Doctor’s.

Ben reports Polly’s disappearance to the Doctor and Bragen but Bragen doesn’t seem bothered which infuriates Ben. Bragen then tells them that the body of a man have been found in the Mercury swamp and casts doubts on the Doctor’s status as the Examiner. The Doctor admits he isn’t the Examiner but, that if Bragen can prove this is, he admits that he aware of the murder of the real examiner which puts him in a rather sticky situation. Bragen says he will not inform anyone of the truth if the Daleks are left alone which shows that he thinks that he might be able to use the Dalek’s for some nefarious purpose of his own, but which certainly is not good.

Ben and the Doctor receive a note saying that Polly is safe as long as they leave the Dalek’s alone which means that the rebels are trying to use the Daleks for their own nefarious purposes as well as Bragen.

When Lesterson tells the Dalek’s that they will be given what they requested they chant that they will get their power which bemuses, and spooks, Lesterson.

The Dalek’s are back on their usual form in this episode, or at least when they are on their own anyway and the Doctor really has his work cut out as most of the colonists think that they can can control the Dalek’s to do their bidding and no one seems to believe him when he tells them how dangerous they are.