Episode two

One of Lesterson’s assistants, Resno sees them, and he goes to tell Lesterson what they are up to. The Doctor states that he thinks that Lesterson has the missing Dalek. Polly thinks that the Doctor is worrying unduly as they are dead but the Doctor tells her that if they are revived then the colony is doomed.

Suspect number one Quinn goes to find the Doctor but finds that the quarters are empty.  He is questioned by Bragen and they scuffle and Bragen knocks Quinn down and orders a search for the Doctor forthwith. This makes Bragen a possible culprit to be the murder of the examiner, but does not entirely exonerate Quinn.

Lesterson enters the lab and orders them to leave and the Doctor can’t help but notice that he doesn’t seem surprised to see the Daleks, which fits with his theory, and he demands to know what Lesterson has done with the other Dalek, which Lesterson denies any knowledge of.

The Doctor tells them that the Daleks must be destroyed immediately and leaves with Bragen who had arrived at the lab and they both go to get permission from the governor to do that. Lesterson then retrieves the missing Dalek and wants to bring it to life before the Doctor can stop him.

The Doctor is told about the underground movement that Janley mentioned in the previous episode. When they were alone the Doctor finds a listening device hidden in an orange and crushes it. They then try to figure out who called for the examiner in the first place, and why was he killed, and rule out both Lesterson and the governor for wanting an examiner there, as neither of them would have wanted an examiner snooping around in their business which still left Quinn and Bragen and possibly Janley, as the likely culprits.

Ben who is still not sure that the Doctor is the Doctor, unlike Polly who believed in him much quicker, asks why can they just go to the TARDIS, and get out of there but the Doctor says that he knows the Daleks of old and has to stop them.

Given that neither Ben or Polly have ever met the Daleks before but the Doctor, and the viewers, were well aware of them and what they could do so you could understand where Ben was coming from when he said that.

When the Doctor is told that he cannot see the governor until the next morning he decides to radio earth directly to stop the project right then. Lesterson, Janley and Resno experiment of the missing Dalek. Resno tells Janley that the governor is aware of the underground movement and that she had better be careful.

They are able to reactivate the Daleks gun stalk, the plunger arms and the eye stalk and Resno feels that the Dalek is watching them but the others are not interested.

The Doctor goes to the comms room but finds it smashed up. Quinn is there and tries to get the Doctors attention but Bragen arrives and arrests Quinn for smashing up the comms room. Meanwhile Resno is shot and killed by the Dalek whilst working on it but Janley tells Lesterson that he is ok, and Lesterson goes for help and Janley covers up the body and continues with their work.

Ben assumes that Quinn must have been the person who killed the examiner but Polly is not convinced. They are taken to Quinn’s enquiry by Bragen. Lesterson removes the gun from the Dalek and decides to show the governor what he has been up to.  Whilst Quinn is being cross examined Lesterson arrived with the full reactivated Dalek which the Doctor demands that they destroy it forthwith but Lesterson is adamant that they are a force for good as they will do what they are asked of despite the Doctor’s insistence that they are destroyed and the Dalek speaks saying that it was their servant, a most undalek thing to say.

The Doctor now knows that he has his work cut out to remedy the situation and stop what he and the viewers know will eventually happen.

In this episode we find out that Janley is more important to the events of the story than you might have thought from the first episode. Bragen also shows more of his true colours especially in his dealings with Quinn.

Quinn could still be responsible for bringing the examiner and then murder him as well but it seems more than likely that he was responsible for one rather than both of them as why bring someone there only to kill them when they get there?