Episode four

Spooked by the Daleks Lesterson turns down the generator to try and keep control of the Dalek’s which seems to work and asks them to show him what they can do for the colony and he is pleased by what they show him. Of course the Dalek’s are toying with him, but he has no idea. The crafty buggers.

Hensell is away for a day or too and Bragen is the governor whilst he is away and is getting his feet well and truly under the table and when the Doctor and Ben show him the note that they received about Polly he notices a Dalek bringing Bragen drinks on a tray. Bragen doesnt seem that bothered about the note.

The Doctor then sees three Daleks and then another enter Bragen’s office which concerns him as there was only three of them to start with and he goes to see Lesterson to find out what was happening. They also notice people milling around a notice board.

Lesterson is beginning to suspect the Daleks with their constant and seemingly never ending demand for more supplies. The Doctor tells him about the new Daleks and tells Lesterson that they are more than just machines and can be very powerful given the right resources. Lesterson is distraught and collapses at this news. Janley arrives and accuses them of attacking Lesterson forcing them out and then gives the Daleks more power and materials.

The Doctor figures out that the notice board is being used to announce rebel meetings in code. He decodes that a meeting is to be held tonight. He and Ben conceal themselves in the meeting room prior to it beginning. There a Dalek is paraded in front of the rebels as a way for them to seize power of the base. In order to prove the Daleks are fully under their control, Janley uses herself as a guinea pig.

The Dalek is ordered to attack her and is unable to which makes the rebels believe Janley. Ben accidently reveals their presence and when he tried to flee he is knocked down and taken away.

Bragen reveals himself as the leader of rebels which was not really that surprising considering his behaviour and attitude throughout the story so far. When the Doctor threatens to tell the governor of this treachery Bragen counters that he will attempt to frame him for the murder of the examiner and has him locked away with Quinn.

The Doctor tells Quinn of Bragen’s crimes, and that he is not the real Examiner. He notices that the prison cell is locked through a sonic sound and empties his pockets in a search to free himself.

Lesterson wakes up and wonders into the capsule where sees a production line where they are mass producing Dalek’s.

This is the episode where things really get moving within the story and Lesterson finally realises that the Dalek;s have been toying with him and at the end of the episode he finally sees what they have been using all the power and materials he has been giving them and it certainly wasn’t what they had promised and you are glad that he has finally twigged what has been going on, but you wonder it might be too little too late. As for the rest of the colony to know that they are soon to be getting their comeuppance.