Episode five

Lesterson, shocked and rocked at what he had seen runs out of the caspule, puts something in front of the door of the capsule to keep the Daleks out, and turns off the generator. He tells Janley that he is going to melt the capsule and she runs off, he thinks at least, to help him. He finds that the Doctor is in prison. The Dalek’s are able to get out of the capsule and tell Lesterson that they can now store power and he runs away.

Janley returns with Polly and imprisons her in the caspule. The Dalek tells Janley that they are constructing a static convertor to make them even more powerful. This does not worry her unduly as she still mistakenly believes that she can control them.

The Doctor is trying to mimic the sounds of a sonic key by to free themselves but Lesterson burst in to tell the Doctor what he had found before he is dragged away and taken to Bragen and the Dalek’s say that they are following his order to build an emergency back up station which Lesterson says he never asked for. Janley arrives and claims that Lesterson has lost his mind and Bragen orders him to be restrained. In the capsule Polly tries to convince two of the rebels about the Daleks and she sort of gets them to be a bit wary.

The Doctor gives up on trying to escape and plays his recorder for a bit which opens Quinn’s door (the one time the recorder has proved useful so far) and Quinn knocks the guard out and frees the Doctor.

Hensell returns to find Bragen seated at his desk and finds that he thinks he is the governer now and tells him about the Doctor and frames him for the murder of the examiner. When Hensell does not accept this and the guards wont help him Bragen kills Hensell with a blast from a Dalek.

The Doctor and Quinn sneak into the lab and hear that Hensell as returned. Polly overrhears the Doctor and cries out for help. Quinn fights with the rebel holding Polly and knocks him out and a Dalek emerges and they run but not before the Doctor jams the lab door shut with a spanner as he leaves.

The Dalek’s decide to wait for the colonists to fight amongst themselves and then kill them all. They find Hensell dead and Bragen claiming that he was killed by a Dalek, and Bragen declares martial law and sends them back to prison.

The Daleks then emerge from the capsule and into the compound chanting, “Daleks conquer and destroy!”

By the end of this episode the game is up for the colonists and the Daleks have gained their power back and are as usual hell bent on destruction. But Bragen and Janley still seem to believe that they have got the upper hand.