Episode six

Janley finds Bragen pleased that they have taken over but Bragen now wants the other rebels dealt with as well. Janley agrees and Bragen admitted that he would have killed her if she had not agreed, which you can totally believe as the man is power mad. However Valmar overheard them and finds Ben and tells him of Bragen and Janley’s plan and then goes looking for the Doctor.

Bragen announces to the colony that Hensell has been murdered by the rebels and that he has taken control.

Quinn, the Doctor, and Polly find Ben on their own, and he tells them of Bragen’s plans. The Doctor goes off alone to try and sort the problem out. The Daleks order the complete extermination of the colonists.

Janley convinces Valmar that she has not betrayed them and the Daleks offer to fight for them and ask to be taken to where their people are fighting.

Bragen orders his guards to fight despite the fact that the Daleks are attacking them too. Janley and Valmar soon lose control of the Daleks, who said that they would help them, who are firing indiscriminately at all humans. A guard shoots at the Dalek who is distracted and allows them to escape.

The Doctor makes it to the lab and find Lesterson who has now lost his mind and insists that the Daleks are in control and are the supreme leaders. He also mentions that Valmar had rigged up a cable inside the capsule that powered the rebels base. The Doctor goes to seek out Valmar. Meanwhile Janley is killed by a Dalek in the ensuing battle and it is difficult to mourn her after her actions throughout the story as a whole.

The Doctor finds Valmar, and he tells the Doctor where the cable is. The Doctor sends Quinn to Bragen to manufacture a distraction. Bragen tries to get the Dalek’s to lay down their arms and Quinn arrives and tells Bragen to get his guards to return which will divert the Dalek’s attention.

The the Doctor finds the cable that he needs to sabotage the Dalek’s static power. Polly warns of two Daleks approaching. They enter and state how they have almost enough static electricity to move freely. Lesterson distracts the Dalek’s giving the Doctor time to overload the power and destroy the Daleks but Lesterson is killed and the Doctor is knocked unconscious in the process.

Bragen and Quinn see the Daleks being destroyed and realise that the Doctor must have found the cable and Bragen instinctively knocks a gun from Quinn’s hands and is about to shoot him before Valmar shoots him dead.

Though the Dalek’s appear to have been vanquished the Doctor has wrecked the power supply which will take months to repair and when the Doctor finds out about this he suggests that they scarper and the run back to the TARDIS and leave the planet but a seemingly dormant Dalek’s eye stick rise upwards as the TARDIS leaves, showing that he didn’t entirely destroy them.

This episode was a great end to the story and was pretty much wall to wall action. Bragen and Janley got their comeuppances after both siding with and then trying to double cross the Daleks, at the same time, which was never going to end well for either of them, and poor Lesterson sacrifices himself so that they Doctor and put a stop to the Daleks and that was a sad moment in the episode.

By the end of this story both Ben and Polly are convinced that the Doctor is in fact the Doctor but to be honest Troughton was pretty much in control of the character by the second episode.

I would say that we got some really good performances in this story from Robert James’ foolhardy but, ultimately, brave Lesterson to Bernard Archard’s power hungry Bragen to Pamela Ann Davey’s duplicitous Janley who is more noticable as the only woman on the colony until some extras are seen later in the story.

The story itself it quite fast paced and seems to use all of its six parts without a great deal of padding. Yes, both Ben and Polly are captured and out of action for episodes at a time and, to be honest, you don’t really notice that they are not there either as them being missing is part of the ongoing story but as there are plenty of other interesting characters you don’t really mind either.

Not a bad start to his reign as the Doctor at all.