Day 2 saw Wales draw with Switzerland in a game in which Wales were the weaker side in general but still managed to come away with a point. I am not sure if Wales will get through the group but I live in hope. I cannot see anyone but Italy topping the group but, if Wales can manage at least a win and another draw then they might be alright. I am not convinced that three draws would be enough.

The second game on Day 2 was the game between Denmark and Finland which nearly ended in disaster after Christian Eriksen collapsed just before half time and apparently had a heart attack. The game was replayed later on and Finland won but it could have been so, so, much worse and it really made you think about what was important.

The final days match saw Belgium easily beat Russia by three goals to nil. Romelu Lukaku scored twice and dedicated his first goal to Eriksen, which was nice. The day was overshadowed by the events in the Denmark game but luckily Christian Eriksen was revived and left the pitch awake and is now in hospital and getting the treatment that he needs.

Day 3 saw England start their campaign with a one nil victory against Croatia, goal scored by Raheem Sterling; then Austria beat North Macedonia 3-1 with North Macedonia equalising before Austria won the match comfortably in the end; and a thrilling game between The Netherlands and Ukraine which finished 3-2 to the Netherlands and saw all five goals come in the second half. The first half was so-so, but the second half was end to end and exciting to watch.