So Wales took on Turkey knowing that a win would put them in good contention to progress and they played really well and beat Turkey 2-0 and Gareth Bale missed a penalty so it could have been even better. Ramsey also had some decent chances to further their lead but Turkey gave as good as they got.

Italy took on Switzerland and beat 3-0 giving them six points automatic qualification. Wales now have 4 points and Switzerland have 1 points.

This means that Wales could still go through if they lose to Italy but a point will give them automatic qualification even if Switzerland beat Turkey as that would gives Wales 5 points and Switerzerland 4 points.

If Switzerland draw, or lose then Wales will go through automatically even if they fail to beat Italy. Then it would seem unlikely that Switzerland would go through with just two points to the knockout stage.

A Switzerland win and a Wales loss will give them both 4 pointsbut Wales might make automatic qualification unless Switzerland can better Italy’s score against Wales.

It is really all to play for in this last round of group matches.