Since the pandemic hit us back in March 2020 I have worked from home for the majority of the time, apart from a few days back in the office last September 2020, and recently they have easing us back into the office.

I started going back in one day a week for a few weeks, and am now doing two days a week in the office and the rest at home.

I am not sure if working in the office is all it it cracked up to be after spending 18 months at home. I mean I do see more people that I did before, but not by many, as there is only about three other people in the office on the days that I am in, but that is still more people than just the wife and I which it has pretty much been ever since the first lockdown.

I have been doing this for a while now and though I am managing better than I did the first week or so it is making me feel more tired than anything else and I feel like I have done a full weeks work after two days in the office and then I am really tired for the rest of the week.

Hopefully it will get easier each week that passes until a type of normality is resumed, whatever that means.