Doctor Who Flux

Chapter 1 The Halloween Apocalypse


We are chucked right into an adventure where the Doctor appears to be confronting a being called the Karvanista, and then we find the Doctor and Yaz handcuffed upside down by a flying contraption which is starting to fall apart. Naturally it does fall apart and the Doctor and Yaz are flung out destined to be killed to death. However they manage to land in the waiting TARDIS and land on a double bed (yes a double bed well more of a mattress really) which seems to be in the console room, and definitely wasn’t there before when Graham and Ryan were travelling in the TARDIS.

This is the start of the new 6 part story that comprises the current series of Doctor Who and was quite an exciting opening to the series. The episode which followed opened many plot strands for the ongoing series.

First there is the flux itself which appeared to be a planet killing thing which destroys everything in its wake but which the Doctor knows nothing about and plenty of others do.

Then there is the being called Swarm who had been imprisoned for a long, long time by the Division from the previous season who escapes from confinement killing his imprisoners and seemingly renew himself after destroying them.

Then there is the character of Vinder who was the sole occupant of Outpost Rose which was attacked by the Flux and Vinder presumably escaped in an escape pod. Vinder had done more than 2100 reports which could mean that he had been onbard the ship for about sixty years and he don’t look a day over 30.

Then there is the occupants of a house in the Artic Circle one of which appears to be the sister of the Swarm, and also who seemed to be aware of who she was before she was released, whom he rescues.

Then there is Claire a woman who knows the Doctor and Yaz, but from her future, who goes home and is attacked by a weeping angel that is stood in her street as bold as brass.

Then there is Diane a woman waiting for her date who is lured into a an old Victorian house by a ghostly voice who seems to be the sister of the Swarm.

Then there is the Sontaran.s who are told of the oncoming swarm and are very pleased.

Then there is a man in 19th century Liverpool who is building tunnels under the city for no apparent reason.

Then there is the story of Dan, a middle aged man from Liverpool who moonlights as a museum tour (although not an official one), helping out at a local foodbank, but who appears to have nothing himself.

Dan is our new companion and is played by John Bishop and in the episode he arranges a meeting with Diane that evening and goes to his home in the shadows of Anfield where he is some kids trick or treating and some random guy pretending to trick or treat before his door is kicked down and he is kidnapped by a talking dog and taken to his spaceship.

The Doctor and Yaz trace the alien prescense to Dan’s home and then to the ship where Dan, Yaz and the Doctor meet and the story begins.

By the end of the episode it did seem like everything including the sink had been thrown at you but there is a lot of interesting things to be discovered over the next five episodes and plenty of questions to answer.

My favourite bits of the episode were John Bishop’s stuff with the Karvanista and with the adult trick or treater; the fact that Anfield was seen in the show and the throwaway mention of Klopp, Trent and the Barcelona game; all the Liverpool stuff; the actual look of the episodes; Jodie Whitaker’s Doctor; the fact that we are getting new Doctor Who; the intrigue of what it is to come. It has certainly got my full attention.

I hope that all the extant elements are full explained by the end of the story.