Doctor Who : Flux
Chapter 3: Once, Upon Time

In this episode loads of things were thrown into the pot and it was certainly an intriguing episode to watch.

Often it didn’t make a great deal of sense until you actually thought about it and I am not too sure what you would have thought of this if you came into this with no context.
Lost, I would have thought.

We meet a brand new character in the shape of Bel who by the end of the episode we knew how she fitted into the story but, until that reveal, she could have been absolutely anybody ,and seemed to have the most tenuous link to the first three episodes.

Thankfully at the end we knew where she fits in so it wasn’t just a new character for the sake of it, with no pay off.

The Doctor, Yaz and Dan were thrown back into their own timelines when the Doctor tried to remedy the previous episodes cliffhanger.

The Doctor went back to what was first an entirely ambiguous time, but was with Dan and Yaz and Vinder, on some sort of secret mission on an as yet unknown planet with both Yaz and Dan not acting exactly like Yaz and Dan anyway.

With Yaz it might not be so odd as she has seen a lot of stuff in her time travelling with the Doctor but Dan is not really used to all this sort of stuff.

Yaz is thrown back to Earth where she meets her sister and her police colleagues although they do sometimes change into the Doctor at some point.

The same for Vinder as we get some of his back story and the reasons why he was where he was in the first episode, and introduced a rather interesting character called the Grand Serpent who we see very briefly indeed in this episode.

Dan naturally goes back to Liverpool and meets up with Diane from the first episode and she seems to know that he didn’t meet up with her as arranged which obviously makes it part of Dan’s future.

So the scenes with the Doctor, Yaz, Dan and Vinder were in the far, far, far past of the Doctor’s timeline, and was from the time when she was working for the Division, and was when she encountered Swarm originally so before he was imprisoned.

We also get a glimpse of the Doctor as she was then, i.e the fugitive Doctor, and shows why she didn’t remember those times as she wasn’t aware of where the fugitive Doctor came in her timeline.

Dan was actually Karvanista, or at least a Lupari, which means that Karvanista might well be millions of years old, if it was the same character, which it might well be, but then again might not be, we just don’t know at this point in time. Not that the Doctor know either.

It was great to see the fugitive Doctor and it was nice to be entirely surprised by it as well, which these days its not very easy at all, unless you are Chris Chibnall of course, who is very good at keeping his cards close to his chest.

This episode was a bit of a WTF moment when watched originally but I am certain it will become clearer with time, and with the ending of the Flux storyline.

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