In Granadaland the Xmas day broadcasts started at 11.15am with a High mass according to the Dominican Rite from St Dominic’s Priory Church in London.

At 12,30 was a carol concert from Durham Cathedral.

The news at 1pm was followed by Christmas Box a variety programme from ATV hosted by Noele Gordon.

At 2pm there was The Cyril Stapleton Show, another variety show featuring Ronnie Carroll and Cleo Laine.

3pm was the Queen’s Speech.

3.05 was Chipperfields All Star Christmas Circus.

4.20 was highlights from musicals.

5.00 was cartoon time featuring Huckleberry House, The Flinstones and Popeye.

The news was at 5.55 and at 6.05 was The Archbishop of Canterbury talking to people.

6.15 was People and Places a Granada magazine programme.

7pm was a look back at Christmas of 1936.

7.30 was the Christmas edition of Coronation Street.

8.00 was an edition of Bonanza. 8.55 was the news.

9.05 was A Merry Max featuring Max Bygraves.

10.5 was an adaptation of The Pickwick Papers starring James Hayter as Mr Pickwick.

11:10 was the news headlines and that was it for the day.

Meanwhile on the BBC you had the following

09:00 Gwyl Y Genoi

09:29 Headline News

09:30 Good Christian Men, Rejoice A programme of Christmas carols, hymns, and music presented by the boys of Chetham’s Hospital School Manchester.

10:30 O Come, All Ye Faithful, a christmas morning service.

13:25 Tenderfoot: Stranger in the Town an episode of the popular western series.

11:30 Max Bygraves meets kids in Great Ormond Street hospital
12:20 Citizen James
12:50 Be My Guest with Joan Regan
14:10 Appeal on behalf of the Royal National Institute for the Deaf by Sir Malcolm Sargent.

1445 Christmas Music from Messiah by Handel

15:00 The Queen

15:07 Billy Smart’s Circus

16:05 The World of Walt Disney

17:15 Just William’s Luck
William leads his pals, ‘The Outlaws’, in an adventure in which it is difficult to say who is hunted and who is haunted.

18:45 The News

18:55 Christmas at Canterbury
The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Michael Ramsey gives a Christmas address in a Service of Lessons and Carols from the Cathedral Church of Christ, Canterbury.

19:25 This is Your Life

20:00 The Black and White Minstrel Show

21:00 Rebecca
A film drama starring Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine.

Television Dancing Club

The Power of Gentleness
A postscript to Christmas by the Dean of Trinity College, Cambridge.

The Weather Man; Close Down