In the Ice Warriors the TARDIS lands in the middle of thick drifts of snow which makes Jamie think that the TARDIS was still in Tibet, and end up in an house not unlike the one that Victoria grew up in, or Maxtible’s house from a couple of stories ago, which was encased in a large protective dome protecting them from the elements.

Whilst the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe are in the base a couple of scientists find something encased in a block of ice and take it back to the base when recalled. That was their big mistake once the block began to thaw as a massive biped creature in green scaly armour is revealed and runs amok on the base. This is an Ice Warrior, denizen of the planet Mars.

The Doctor ingratiates himself with the Clent the leader of the base who humours him at first but soon realises an intellect at least equal to his own.
Victoria gets a large chunk of the action in this story and spends a great deal of it with the ice warriors after being captured by them.

Jamie goes to try and rescue her but comes a cropper and is absent for quite a bit of the story so it is nice to see Victoria get lots to do and Deborah Watling is equal to it and gives a spirited performance.

Bernard Bresslaw plays the main Ice Warrior Varga and actually does a good job of it being entirely cased in armour but giving a good account of the character.

Peter Barkworth, Wendy Gifford and Peter Sallis all give strong performances here as Leader Clent, Miss Gifford and Penley and they are all given a good deal of screen time. Patrick Troughton gets decent scenes with all three of them at some point in the story.

The claustrophobic setting of the base and the scenes set in the icy wastes of Great Britain in the far future are a major selling point of this story along with the new alien menaces from the red planet. and makes it quite compelling viewing.

In this story the interesting setting, and the new alien menace of the Ice Warriors make for an interesting and highly watchable six episodes of classic tv.