Mission to Destiny saw a different change of tack for the crew of the Liberator, and a nice break from trying to smash the federation and come to the aid of stricken spacecraft which is trapped in an elliptical orbit and they decided to take a look and see what was going on with it. Before this we got some very moody scenes on board the ship as someone approached the main area of the ship and brained the pilot before smashing the instruments on the control panel. These were well directed and I loved the use of the handheld camera here as it contributed well to the whole effect of the scene.

Blake, Avon and Cally go over to the ship and firstly notice a strange smell, and then start to find the crew of the ship who are all unconscious quickly working out that there is something in the air filtration system and locate it and soon the crew wake up and then find the dead body of the pilot we saw in the opening scenes.

So we now have an Agatha Christie type whodunnit as the murderer must be someone onboard the ship and as  per usual in these type of stories most of the characters apart from the odd one or two all look as though they have something to hide, and they all seem like they could be guilty of the crime.

We then find out about the mission of the ship and the reason behind why what happened happened and you can see why anyone one of them could have been driven to do what they did and it is just a question of who did it, not why, as it is pretty obvious part way into the episode.

I wouldn’t say that the eventual culprit was that obvious as there were a couple of other people who could equally have been believed to have been the culprit by their actions in the episode.

Vila doesn’t get a huge amount to do in this episode but does have some rather humorous lines when he does get them. In this episode at least he really doesn’t want to get involved much at all. The same can be said for Gan, who gets even less than Vila to do in this episode, but at least Vila gets some  funny lines.

Jenna doesn’t really get a great deal to either to be honest and it is those three who spend all their time in the episode in the Liberator with Blake, Avon and Cally getting to go over to the ship and actually do things. Even when Blake comes back to the liberator later in the episode it is him who has the main things to do and the others just tag along.

This episode has quite a large cast when you think about it as apart from the seven themselves there is the crew of the ship which is around about seven as well, and the majority of them get some screen time, some more than others admittedly, but they all give it a go with what they are given.

Not the most memorable of episodes, but a nice change of pace all the same.