The Web of Fear sees the travellers return to Earth in what looks like the present day, well sort of anyway, and is a sequel to the Abomninable Snowmen, which wasn’t that long ago really so was still sort of fresh in the audiences mind.

Of course this time you got the added bonus of the Yeti ambling up and down places that the audience probably knew well and would have been a much more frightening experience than the last time we saw them in the Tibetan wilderness.

Most the of the story was set in the London Underground which can often be a rather spooky place at the best of times and is even more so at night with no lights turned on and entirely devoid of people.

The set design on this story is remarkable when you think that these underground stations were built from scratch for this story and you really have to raise your hat to the designer for his sterling work here.

Jack Watling returned as a much older, and grumpier, Professor Travers, still obsessed by the Yeti, probably more so than the previous time that we met him.

Also featuring in this adventure were Tina Packer as Traver’s daughter, Anne, another strong female role which is seeming to be a hallmark of this series so far after Miss Garett and Astrid before her and she gets a far better part than our very own Victoria, even though Deborah Watling does a good job with what little she is given to do, which is less than she had in the previous Yeti adventure.

Most notably this story features the first appearance of Lethbridge-Stewart, this time a Colonel, but pretty much the same man that the audience would get to know a lot better over the next few years, not that the audience knew it at the time, of course. You can clearly see why the bought him back the following year.

There were a lot of good performances here including Ralph Watson as Captain Knight, John Rollason as Harold Chorley, Jack Woolgar as Staff Sgt Arnold, Derek Pollit as Evans all of whom gave their all in this story which really is a classic of its era and of the series itself.

For years it was lost and was remembered as being a decent story but when it was returned, albeit with one episode still missing, it was reclaimed as the classic that it was.