Fury from the Deep is a great example of a story which just seems to work even when it is shorn of all visual imagery from it. and just presented as an audio recording and even then it is a pretty exciting listen, and it almost doesn’t matter that you cannot see the pictures as you can imagine what is happening perfectly well from the actors performances, and the script itself.

Now that it has been animated I think that the story works just as well. Yes it isn’t a totally accurate representation of what was originally broadcast but it is a decent enough version, and it makes me feel that this story was definitely one of the best of that season and that is saying something as they have all been pretty top notch.

What I like best about this one is the atmosphere and the setting of the oil rigs and the base itself. I also like the whole notion of the alien menace of the story and what makes it more frightening is that it is something so ordinary and normal, but so menacing and threatening in the story itself.

I also like the fact that nobody actually dies in the story; plenty of people are possessed during the story and a lot of bad stuff happens to people but they are ok by the end of the story, which is nice.

Quite early on in this story Victoria starts to show signs that she is not happy with life aboard the TARDIS and to be fair to her she often gets the worse deal of the companions in each of her stories so you can hardly blame her for getting this way by the time of the events in this story.

You also totally understand when she decides to leave at the end of adventure as well. However at least she was pretty much the major reason for their success in vanquishing the story’s enemy in this, her final story.

Like the majority of this seasons stories there is very little that you can fault about this story and, also, that even the six part stories in this season do seem to use all of its running time without resorting to ridiculous amounts of padding.