I recently watched Coming 2 America and I cannot say that I was disappointed by this sequel to the classic 80s film. I also liked that they managed to get all of the original characters played by the same actors just thirty years older than in the first movie.

Eddie Murphy doesn’t really look that much different to be honest, but Arsenio Hall does look quite a bit older. Eddie Murphy must have a painting in his basement., that is all I can say.

This film certainly had a lot more female characters in it as this featured the three daughters of Prince Akeem as well as a few other prominent female characters which is more than can be said of the original movie.

This movie was sort of the opposite to the original as this movie was set more in Zamunda than it was in America and it was a case of American’s being transplanted into Zamunda rather than the other way around which was nice little twist.

The film is entertaining enough, and is probably more so if you are familiar with the original, and I would definitely say take a look at it. .