I just recently watched Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, the most recent Quentin Tarantino film and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have pretty much enjoyed all of the Tarantino films that I have seen to be honest and I always look forward to seeing his films for the first time.

The cast here is strong with Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pit, Margot Robbie in the major roles with support from the likes of Al Pacino, Bruce Dern, Damian Lewis, Nicholas Hammond.

Here Di Caprio and Pitt played fictional versions of major Hollywood starts and Robbie played the tragic figure of Sharon Tate. There was a mixture of fictional characters with real figures from the time such as Tate, Roman Polanski, Sam Wanamaker, Steve McQueen and Bruce Lee.

It was definitely a love story to Hollywood in the nineteen sixties and how fame is fleeting for people, in particular movie stars whose fame and popularity goes in and out of fashion; with them being box office stars one minute and then forgotten about a few years later.

I liked the way that they really made the tv program Bounty Law in the movie feel like an actual program from that era and putting Leonardo DiCaprio’s character into real tv series of the time really helped with that.

Like all Tarantino films there was a great soundtrack from the period. I also thought that it was a clever plot device setting it around the time of Manson family murders and having Leonardo Di Caprio’s character living next to the site of the murders, and it was also nice that the film wasn’t really about that either which would have been quite easy to have done, but I think was a more interesting film for that choice.