Monday 30th March 1961

Programmes began at 10:05am with a programme about animals that live in water. At 11.05 am was a programme entitled Looking At Britain. At 11.30 am there was a programme about the study of bridges in relation to the development of technology. 2.30pm saw Watch with Mother featuring Picture Book, 2.45pm saw a programme called…… Continue reading Monday 30th March 1961

Television in 1949

Television in 1949 was still in its infancy and there was only the one channel and that broadcast for approximately three hours a day. On Sundays there were programmes from 5-6pm for children primarily including the strand “For The Children” featured Muffin the Mule and then in the evening around 8-8.30 they had an original…… Continue reading Television in 1949

14th March 1952

BBC TELEVISION 20:15 KALEIDOSCOPE – An entertainment magazine 21:15 OLYMPIC GAMES 1952 Britain in TrainingA series of outside broadcasts showing how men and women athletes are preparing for the summer games of the XV Olympiad which opens at Helsinki on July 19 21:45 IN THE NEWS 22:15 SPEAKING PERSONALLY Alastair Sim 22:30 Weather Forecast and…… Continue reading 14th March 1952

Thursday 13th March 1952

At 7.30pm on BBC Television saw the second performance of Home and Beauty, a farce by W. Somerset Maugham. This play starredBarry K. Barnes, Barbara Murray, Geoffrey Sumner. Joan Hickson also featured. On the BBC Home Service at 8.30pm Ted Ray starred in Ray’s a Laugh and at 1.00pm Sally Rogers, Dick Bentley and Jimmy…… Continue reading Thursday 13th March 1952