Round of 16 part one

Brazil were very lucky to beat Chile in the first of the round of 16 matches. They took the lead from a deflected shot by David Luiz and Sanchez equalised minutes later. Brazil didn’t outplay Chile by any means and only the crossbar prevented them from being knocked out right at the last. They did…… Continue reading Round of 16 part one

Round of 16

The Round of 16 World Cup games are Brazil v Chile Columbia v Uruguay France v Nigeria Germany v Algeria Netherlands v Mexico Costa Rica v Greece Argentina V Switzerland Belgium v USA

Group E & F Final Reckoning

France topped group E despite a scoreless drew against Ecuador. It didn’t help that France played an almost unrecognisable squad from the first two games, or that Antonia Valencia got himself sent off, or that Karim Benzema just didn’t turn up for the game, but France still managed to top the group. Switzerland also qualified…… Continue reading Group E & F Final Reckoning