Back in the Game

Game of Thrones : Valar Dohaeris

In the first episode of the third series of Game of Thrones we start the action just after the events of the Battle of Blackwater.

Sam is the first one seen and he is running for his life, as you would if you had just seen whitwalkers approaching you. I would probably have done the same if I am being honest.

You really felt for Sam as he is one of the more likable members of the Nights Watch and he is a person you often find yourself rooting for and so it was quite tense and you did begin to wonder if Sam might not make it out of this alive when some burning arrow thudded into the the whitewalker that was about to rip poor old Sam limb from limb and the craggy face of the Commander was the best sight Sam had seen for quite some time. Of course Sam got a bollocking from Mormomt but at least he wasn’t being eaten by a whitewalker so swings and roundabouts really for Sam.

Joffrey is a bit pissed off with his bride to be when she stops and talks to some commoners when they are on their way back to Kings Landing. Margaery doesn’t think anything of it but it really makes Joffrey’s blood boil and makes him even more annoying and petulant than his normally is. Joffrey is given the opportunity to speak to the his people but refuses after taking a look at them, showing his true colours. This seeming kindness in Margaery is noticed by Cersei who probably doesn’t understand how she can give a shit about the poor people as she has nevere given a shit about anybody but herself in her entire life.

Jon is taken to Mance Ryder’s camp and meets the King beyond the wall who wants to know why he wants to abandon the black watch and join with him. The answer that Jon gives seems to please Mance who appears to accept it without much arguement even if there wasn’t a great deal to it.

Robb returns to Winterfell and sees the destruction of his former home. He is still pissed off with his mother for setting the Kingslayer free and orders her to be taken to the cells, much to the shock of his new wife who thinks he is being a bit too hard on her.

Daenerys took her ships to look for an army who would do her bidding where she found the Unsullied an army of men who were not men and who were only interested in doing the bidding of their owner, no matter who they were but first she had to persuade their current owner to sell them to her, which wasn’t easy as he was quite a character with very colourful language which he said in his native language so Dany wouldn’t know that he was calling her a slut and a whore

Littlefinger told Sansa that he had seen her mother and her sister, much to her joy, and told her that he would help in her any way that he could, which is never always a good thing coming from a man like Littlefinger who never does anything without it entirely benefitting himself before anybody else.

Whilst Dany waits until her bid for the unsullied is considered she spots a child with a ball. The child throws the ball at her. A hooded man tries to push Dany out of the way but Jorah grabs him. When the ball lands near Dany some strange mechanical creature is born from it. The man is able to stab it with his sword and the little girl runs away revealing herself an assassin from the warrior of Quarth from the previous season before disappearing into the distance.

Winter is Coming

Games of Thrones : Valar Morghulis

Tyrion awakes to find Grand Maester Pycelle standing over him with a rather smug look on his face who tells him that Stannis Baratheon suffered a great defeat at the hand of his father. He also discovers that he is no longer hand of the king. Joffrey announces Tywin as the new Hand, gifts Harrenthal to Littlefinger for brokering a treaty between the house Tyrrell and Lannister.

He calls Ser Loras Tyrrell who asks that Joffrey unite their houses by marrying his sister, Margaery, the widow of Renly. Joffrey asks the girl if she wants to marry him and she says that she does but he says that he is promised to another and that he must keep his word. However Cersei proclaims that it wouldn’t be proper for Joffrey to marry the daughter of a traitor but Joffrey is insistent that he pledged a solemn vow but Pycelle tells him that this was done by Robert before Eddard was found to be traitorous, and is therefore void and that he is free to marry who he wants. He decides that he will marry Margaery instead. Sansa is pleased that she is now free of Joffrey but Littlefinger reminds her that Joffrey will not give her up so easily, especially now she is a woman. He offers to help Sansa return home for the sake of Catelyn but Sansa insists that Kings Landing is her home.

Jaime tries to provoke Brienne all the time that she was taking him back to Kings Landing but she doesn’t bite back. She notices the bodies of three women hung from a line with a sign saying they lay with lions. She ties Jaime to a tree whilst she plans to bury the women’s bodies. Three Stark soldiers turn up and interrogate Brienne and Jaime. Jaime is shocked when Brienne makes short work of killing the three men.

Robb tells Catelyn about his plan not to marry Walder Frey’s daughter and marry Talisa instead. Catelyn tells him that Walder Frey is a dangerous man to cross but Robb said that he doesn’t care. She tells him that she didn’t love his father when they were first married and he didn’t love her but that love eventually came and that it what is important.

Stannis accuses Melisandre of lying about seeing his victory in her flames, but she tells him that she can still see it happening despite his defeat to the Tyrell’s and the Lannisters. He tries to choke her and asks her where her god is now. She tells him that it is inside him. He then admits that it was he who murdered his brother. Melisandre says that they did it together. She tells him that the battle will last years and thousands will die but that he will be triumphant. She asks him to look into the flames asking if he can see it within. After a little while he says that he can.

Theon is trapped in the Lords Chamber in Winterfell where he is surrounded by 500 men. Luwin asks Theon to listen to him and tells him to run. Theon says that if he did that he would be a coward and could never go home. Luwin says that he should join the Night’s Watch. Theon tries to give the men a rising speech about how they will be remembered for what they are about to do for forever and women will scream their names, and name their sons after them etc, etc. When he is in full flow one of them smacks him in the head with the butt of a spear knocking him out cold. They stab Luwin and take Theon with them with a bag over his head.

Varys visits Tyrion and tells him that Cersei was responsible for ordering Mandon Moore to try and kill him. He also tells him that his father has sent the hill tribes loyal to him home and history will not be kind to him and Joffrey won’t give him any credit or honours. Shae tries to persuade Tyrion to leave King’s Landing with her but he insists that he belongs there. Robb weds Talis despite Catelyn’s warnings.

Dany goes to the house of the undying with Jorah and some of her Dothraki troops. Dany finds her way into the building where there appears to be no entrance to the others. She can hear the others calling her, and she can hear her dragons so she goes to where she can hear her dragons.

Ohsa, Hodor, Bran and Rickon find WInterfell in a right state and also the dying Maester Luwin who tells him to heard north. Osha thinks they should go south to meet up with Robb and Catelyn but Luwin tells him that they do not know where they are and that the safest place would to be go to the wall to Jon, who will look after them. When the children have gone Luwin asks Osha to end his torment.

Dany follows a staircase and finds herself in the throne room of Kings Landing but a deserted throne room with the floor covered by a layer of snow. She goes through a door which seems to take her to Castle Black instead. She then spots a tent like the one she shared with Kal Drogo. Inside the tent she finds Drogo with a baby boy, the baby that she lost in the first series. Moving on she finds herself in a round room where she finds her dragons chained to a pedestal. Pyat Pree appears and then two other copies of him also appear. Dany realises that she is also chained and they are pulled taut trapping her. The real Pyat Pree appears and taunts her. She turns to the dragons and commands the dragons. One of them coughs and only smoke appears. It tries again and projects a flame on Pyat’s arms. The other dragons follow suit and Pree is reduced to a husk and the chains holding them crumble to dust also.

Jon, and Qhorin are on their way to Mance Ryders camp. Qhorin starts a fit and attacks Jon calling him a traitor. He and Jon are allowed to fight and Qhorin starts calling Jon’s father and mother which angers him and he ends up running his sword through Qhorin. Ygritte then tells him that it is time for him to meet the King beyond the wall.

Dany returns to confront Xaro, who is now sleeping with, Dany’s former handmaiden Doreah. Xaros vaults are found to be empty and he and Doreah are locked in it. They then decide to ransack Xaros place for all of the jewels and gold and find a ship.

Sam, Edd and Grenn are foraging when they hear first one blast of a horn and then a second soon followed by a third which meant that white walkers are coming. They run away but Sam isn’t fast enough and he is soon left along and tries to hide behind a rock and hundreds of white walkers appear and march onwards towards the wall. One of them sees Sam, but appears to ignore him.

Lots of interesting new twists are set up in the episode, such as what will happen to Tyrion and Sansa as Kings Landing is not going to the safest place for either of them at the moment; where will Bran, Rickon, Hodor and Osha end up; what about Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie? It looks like Margaery will get her wish and become a proper Queen, but you do have to feel for poor Sansa who now thinks that she is safe, when we all know that she isn’t. The White Walkers are back and heading towards the Wall once again and look like they are greater in number than before.

It is certainly going to be an interesting third season.

Battle is about to commence!

Games of Thrones : Blackwater

This episode is a no hold barred look at a siege. We even seen people being physically sick just before and it is a very gory and bloody episode that needs the viewer to have quite a strong stomach, even more than is usual for this show.

Davos tells his son Matthos that even thought they outnumber the royal fleet and that the people guarding the walls of King’s Landing will not look at them as saviours but as people coming to destroy them.

Cersei summons Grand Master Pycelle who tells her that he is there to give her guidance in these times bit she only wants the bottle of Essence of Nightshade which she has asked him for. He tells there that a single drop can cause relaxation and three drops a deep sleep.

The soldiers of the House of Lannister prepare for the upcoming battle by drinking and consorting with prostitutes.Bronn comes face to face with the hound who tells him that they are both very alike and they are about to have a set to when the bells rings summoning them to arms.

Varys visits Tyrion and hands him a map of the tunnel network beneath the city, all fifty miles of it built by the Targaryens so that they could easily escape from the city if necessary. Tyrion tells him that he doesn’t plan to escape and is willing to go down with the city if the city is falls as a captain of a ship would.

Tyrion makes sure that Sansa has been invited to the Holdfast with Cersei. She tells him that she has but that Joffrey wants her to see him off. Joffrey arrives and orders Sansa to kiss his sword telling her that one day soon she will have lick the blood of her traitor brother from the sword.

In the Holdfast Sansa wonders why Cersei has invited her there assuming that she hates here but Shae posits the theory that she is jealous of her. Cersei makes polite conversation with Sansa but you can see that she is forcing herself to do it.

Joffrey is the first to spot the lead vessel of Stannis fleet and Tyrion orders the archers to prepare. Joffrey questions why there is only a single ship.

Davos and Matthos see a single ship approaching them. Davos is the first to notice that it is empty and he also notices that Wildfire is pouring out of its hold. Knowing the substance Davos orders his helmsmen to steer clear of the craft.

Bronn shoots a flaming arrow into the middle of the bay igniting the wildfire which rapidly spreads engulfing not only the Lannister vessel but the other one as well. Matthos is caught up in the explosion, but Davos is catapulted from the ship into the bay.

Stannis orders his men to prepare to land and take the city by force. They approach the city in force. Tyrion orders the archers to rain fire on them and the hound to kill anyone who reaches the shore.

Stannis leads his men through the hail of arrows, sustaining heavy casualties. The Hound gets into the thick of the fighting cutting one of them in half. Lancel Lanniser is shot by an arrow, but manages to retreat into the city. He reaches the holdfast and tells Cersei that Stannis troops have landed despite Tyrion destroying his fleet. She demands that Joffrey be bought inside to his chambers for safety. The Hounds is stunned as Bronn saves his life. He calls his men to fall back and return to the castle. Stannis orders ladders be put up against the castle walls and he is one of the first up and kills the soldier at the top. The Hound shocks both Tyrion and Joffrey by disobeying orders after losing more than hald of his men in the siege.

Lancel returns to bring Joffrey back. Joffrey goes back into the city leaving Tyrion to carry on the fight. Tyrion takes it upon himself to lead the fight and gives a rousing speech to the men. Cersei leave the holdfast with her son. Shae persuades Sansa to lock herself in her chambers. When she gets there she find the Hound in there. He tells her that he is going to leave and that he would take her with him and return to Winterfell. She tells him that her place is there in Kings Landing as Stannis would not hurt her.

The battle continues and Tyrion is badly scarred. He faints as he sees a man in what looks like Renly armour cutting a swaithe through Stannis troops. Cersei is about to give Tommen essense of nightshade when a soldier in renly’s armout burst into the throne room and reveals himself as Loras Tyrell. Tywin Lannister also pushes his way into the throne room stating that the battle was over and that they had won. Cersei throws away the poison.

This has to be the most action packed episode of the show so far, as well as the most bloody. It was also written by the writer of the original novels George RR Martin who knows the characters and situations better than anybody else.

This brings an end to the story for this season and it is going to be interesting to see what is set up for the third season in the following, final, episode of this series.

The Prince and the Prat

Game of Thrones : Prince of Winterfell

Tyrion and Bronn plan the defence of Kings Landing. When Varys asks him how they are going to hold of Stannis Tyrion tells him with pig shit. Cersei accues him of plotting to have Joffrey killed during the siege. She tells him that she has kidnapped his whore but later discovers that Cersei has kidnapped Ros instead rather than Shae.

It is very typical of Tyrion that he showed remorse to Ros even though it wasn’t her that he was worried about and showed that Cersei isn’t quite as clever as she thought she was in controlling Tyrion, but has struck something of a chord with this trick, and his fondness for his whores.

Joffrey is adamant that they are going to win the battle because he is going to single-handedly stop Stannis which does give Tyrion much confidence. Varys tells him about Dany and her dragons but Tyrion says that Stannis is their main concern at the moment and that can be dealt with later. Stannis promises to make Davos hand when he takes the iron throne and bemoans people’s attitude to Davos as he wasn’t a high-born.

After hearing that Robb’s army is now single-mindedly intent on the Greyjoys it is decided by Tywin that the time to fight them is now and sets to leave Harrenhal. Arya tries to find Jagen so that her third kill could be Tywin but she doesn’t find him before he leaves. She tries to persuade him to help her escape instead but he feels that that would be more than his current debt to her. Instead she decides to name him instead and only agrees to take his name back if he helps her and her friends to escape. Later that evening all of the watch is guarding the entrance is killed and they are able to escape. This shows how cunning Arya can be as even though she didn’t get what she wanted with the death of Tywin she was at least able to get out of Harrenahal, for the immediate future anyway.

Robb is not happy when he hears that Jaime has escape and that his mother was involved. She tells him that she has allowed Brienne to take him back to Kings Landing in exchange for Sansa and Arya. Robb has his mother placed under guard for this. Roose Bolton assures Robb that his son is not far from Winterfell. Robb decides to offer mercy to any of Theon’s men apart from Theon himself hoping that they would betray him which shows that not only does he know Theon very well he also knows that his men are likely to be like as well.

Robb asks Talisa why she chooses to tend the wounded in the battle and he tells her that he doesn’t want to marry his intended. She tells him that she doesn’t want to him to marry her either, and they tear each other’s clothes off.

Ygritte presents Jon to one of the Wildings called Rattleshirt who immediately wants Jon to be killed but when he hears that he is the bastard son of Eddard Stark he relents and allows him to be taken to Mance. Qhorin had also been captured and he says that Jon should go and learn about Mance’s plans for the nights watch.

Sam and Grenn find an ancient Night’s Watch cloak buried at the Fist of the First Men which contains dragonglass weapons.

Jorah advices Dany to flee Qarth as soon as she can but she refuses to leave without her dragons and asks him to take her to the House of the Undying when Pyat Pree told her they are being held. Jorah could have left her there but agrees to help her. It can’t be for his own safety that he agrees as it would have been easier for him to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible but he must surely think that helping her is ultimately going to reward him somehow.

Back at Winterfell Theon orders for the ravens to be killed so that word that he has killed Bran and Rickon will not leave Winterfell. His sister soon arrives with a few men and he tells her that he needs 500 men at least to hold Winterfell. She tells him that she is there to bring him home as the death of the Starks boys will bring the wrath of the North on them. He refuses as he doesn’t want to be branded a coward for fleeing.

Luwin spots Osha and discovers that Bran and Rickon are alive and well and hiding in the crypts below Winterfell where all the dead Starks are buried. Luwin then realises what Theon has done. He asks Osha to keep it from Bran as he will only blame himself for the death of the farmer’s boys. Unfortunately Bran overhears their conversation.

This shows how immature Theon actually is and how not ready for command he is and how possible he won’t be around for much longer, well not if Robb has anything to do with it. Still he is more likely to be killed by his own people as he has to die at the hands of Robb.

I can’t wait to see how this series pans out.