Back in the Game

Game of Thrones : Valar Dohaeris In the first episode of the third series of Game of Thrones we start the action just after the events of the Battle of Blackwater. Sam is the first one seen and he is running for his life, as you would if you had just seen whitwalkers approaching you.…… Continue reading Back in the Game

Winter is Coming

Games of Thrones : Valar Morghulis Tyrion awakes to find Grand Maester Pycelle standing over him with a rather smug look on his face who tells him that Stannis Baratheon suffered a great defeat at the hand of his father. He also discovers that he is no longer hand of the king. Joffrey announces Tywin…… Continue reading Winter is Coming

The Prince and the Prat

Game of Thrones : Prince of Winterfell Tyrion and Bronn plan the defence of Kings Landing. When Varys asks him how they are going to hold of Stannis Tyrion tells him with pig shit. Cersei accues him of plotting to have Joffrey killed during the siege. She tells him that she has kidnapped his whore…… Continue reading The Prince and the Prat